10 Creative Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2020

Kitchens not only get the most wear and tear in your home, but they also do the most to express your family’s unique style and character. We want our kitchens to tell our story for us! That’s why decorating your kitchen is so personal, and also seems to be a never-completed project. This is why kitchen cabinet painting has become such a popular home update. You can change your kitchen cabinet colors every few years without breaking the bank, especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer.

If you’re considering a kitchen cabinet color update, you probably want to know what the latest kitchen cabinet color trends are. Color is definitely in style this year! Not only are different colors trending, but paint finishes also range from matte to glossy. Before you run to the paint store and start stripping the finish off your current kitchen cabinets, be sure to check our list of the hottest kitchen cabinet colors for this year!

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