11 Dining Table Styles that are So Hot Right Now

Dining tables are far from an everyday purchase, but when it’s time for you to update your style, you need to know which of the current trends are here to last. So whether you’re going for a chic fine dining look, or a more farmhouse style kitchen table, we’ve scoured the internet and checked the latest blogs and style magazines for the dining table styles that are just so hot right now.

1 -Super Slim

These clever apartment style space savers are all the rage. Most open-concept apartment living spaces require large furniture to do double duty, and a slim dining table can tuck in a corner and serve as extra storage for those nights when it’s just you and your boo eating ramen on the couch while you marathon Stranger Things. Look for styles with flip up or pull-out leaves for your occasional dinner parties to get maximum bang for your super slim dining table buck.

2 – Antiqued Pedestal

Round tables are having a moment, and the pedestal is queen of them all. Rather than the typical dark, polished lacquer, it’s painted and antiqued pedestal tables that are really in vogue. If your dining room is square, or a little small, round tables can offer more seating while using your available space more efficiently. Plus, they’re gorgeous. Especially if your room doesn’t have many curves as it is. You’ll love the visual flow of this fad in your dining space.

3 – Mixed Wood & Metal

We love a mash up! Mixed metal and wood tables are really hitting their stride in 2018. And it’s easy to see why. They’re durable, functional, and look great. They’re especially perfect if you’ve got little ones, or little teething puppies, because a metal table leg can really take a beating without showing any wear and tear. This look is versatile as well, it can be at home in industrial, transitional, farmhouse, contemporary, and even country or modern homes. If you’re keeping a close eye on function while you’re dining table shopping, this is one to put on the list!


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