11 Dining Table Styles that are So Hot Right Now

Dining tables are far from an everyday purchase, but when it’s time for you to update your style, you need to know which of the current trends are here to last. So whether you’re going for a chic fine dining look, or a more farmhouse style kitchen table, we’ve scoured the internet and checked the latest blogs and style magazines for the dining table styles that are just so hot right now.

1 -Super Slim

These clever apartment style space savers are all the rage. Most open-concept apartment living spaces require large furniture to do double duty, and a slim dining table can tuck in a corner and serve as extra storage for those nights when it’s just you and your boo eating ramen on the couch while you marathon Stranger Things. Look for styles with flip up or pull-out leaves for your occasional dinner parties to get maximum bang for your super slim dining table buck.

2 – Antiqued Pedestal

Round tables are having a moment, and the pedestal is queen of them all. Rather than the typical dark, polished lacquer, it’s painted and antiqued pedestal tables that are really in vogue. If your dining room is square, or a little small, round tables can offer more seating while using your available space more efficiently. Plus, they’re gorgeous. Especially if your room doesn’t have many curves as it is. You’ll love the visual flow of this fad in your dining space.

3 – Mixed Wood & Metal

We love a mash up! Mixed metal and wood tables are really hitting their stride in 2018. And it’s easy to see why. They’re durable, functional, and look great. They’re especially perfect if you’ve got little ones, or little teething puppies, because a metal table leg can really take a beating without showing any wear and tear. This look is versatile as well, it can be at home in industrial, transitional, farmhouse, contemporary, and even country or modern homes. If you’re keeping a close eye on function while you’re dining table shopping, this is one to put on the list!


4 – Antiqued Gray Oak

Yes, this trend is really here to stay. While earlier versions of this beachy antiqued look often came without the heavy duty top coats and sealers needed for real family wear and tear, we’re finally beginning to see this look produced to work in the daily life of the masses. With whiffs of french farmhouse and overtones of vintage investment piece, this is a look that is suddenly everywhere this year because of the high-impact look it offers to any dining room.

5 – Bar Height

This is one trend that isn’t going anywhere soon. Love them or hate them, bar height tables do serve a lot of look, and can be particularly stunning in open-plan living spaces. Plus they can function as extra counter space in a pinch! We’re seeing these more often paired with backless stools to minimize the heaviness of some higher backed bar stools, but there’s a space for every look, so whatever your bar height flavor, dig right in and enjoy!

6 – Counter Top Match

Moms and dads all over are all about this trend. Yes, whether it’s a table height counter top extension, or just a separate table with a top made of your counter top material, this is the absolute most in practical trends for 2018. This type of table top makes so much sense in family homes without a formal dining room where the kitchen and dining room table are both the same. If you’re in the market for something functional that will help tie your kitchen and dining spaces together visually, this is it!


7 – Stone Top

Did someone mention indestructibility? Well, maybe stone table tops are not indestructible, but they’re pretty darned close. Depending on the stone, of course! Light colored marbles and granites can stain. But most people turn to natural stone for a bit of a lived-in, natural look that can stand up to family life, and these table tops certainly do deliver. Just be sure your structure can bear the weight of a solid stone slab before you plunk down the dollars for this one!

8 – Frosted Glass

The early 90s are calling and they want their table tops back. Just kidding, this look has landed solidly in 2018 and it isn’t going anywhere. While glass isn’t the most durable surface, the tempered glass tops you’re going to find at the local furniture store are certainly up to handling a typical dining room load. And they have some advantages, in that they’re relatively easy to clean and they have the ability to really open up a small or dark space.

9 – Architectural

These big, one of a kind tables are all about the statement. Generally in wood or stone, they’re meant to be part of the architectural language of a room. And, yes, they’re most often seen in modern or contemporary homes, but lately they’ve been popping up all over the place. From transitional to farmhouse, these architectural stunners are breaking free of their mold and planting themselves in all sorts of spaces across all kinds of decor styles.


10 – Reclaimed Wood

We love this trend. It’s not just about reducing, reusing, and recycling–although we adore that aspect–but it’s also about adding some instant history to any dining space. Whether reclaimed shipping crates, or recycled barn wood, there is a lot of look to be had in reclaimed tables. The price points also swing wildly, so this is a very approachable option whether you’re just starting out, or have a more established household. What’s not to love about this reclaimed wood look?

11 – Black Steel

If your tastes are modern or industrial, this is a look may be on your list. The great thing about a metal table is that it’s durable, ready for your fresh from the oven dishes, and placemats and coasters are not required! Look for this stunning style in mirror finish or matte black. Either can be just the thing to send your dining room from nice to niiiiiiice.


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