14 Trendy Faucet Designs You’ll Absolutely Love

If you’re contemplating a new faucet, then you’ll want to take a look at these 14 incredible designs.

The Luna Faucet

Graff designs were the first to introduce this incredible faucet. The shape of the crescent moon inspires the innovative design of the Luna Faucet or Spout. It gives your washbasin and restroom a very modern look.

The Luna Faucet is extremely durable as it is a wall-mounted and deck-mounted faucet. It is three feet tall with a flow rate of 18 liters per minute.

Pivoting Faucet

This cleverly designed faucet is exceptionally functional for your kitchen. You can adjust the faucet’s height and water flow speed. The product comes with a joystick remote that can add more ease to your faucet’s orientation.

This faucet can be easily installed and used in no time. The extra remote joystick makes it easy for you to handle the faucet. The flow rate is about 8.3 liters per minute, giving it a smooth flow.

Single-hole Faucet

The single-hole is a deck-mounted single-hole faucet with a clean design. The faucet’s layout is best suited for smooth-flowing water. A single handle is attached to adjust the water flow of the faucet.

The single-hole faucet is a beautiful Nickel color and is adjustable with the handle on its side. With 5.6 liters per minute, the water flow is adjustable and will suit your needs.

Joy-Stick Faucet

This minimalist design, Joystick Faucet, is designed to make sure you can adjust the water flow. The sleek and beautiful design adds an aesthetic appeal to your lavatory. Available in an array of colors, this faucet’s creative design is efficient and fun to use.

The Joy-Stick Faucet is specifically practical because it is resistant to corrosion. It is incredibly durable and not easily tarnished.

Smart-Touch Faucet

The smart touch faucet is a high-tech modern faucet design that would be a great addition to your home. This faucet responds to the sensory touch; tap anywhere on the faucet, and water flows freely.

It comes with a pre-installed temperature sensor. This addition allows you to check the temperature of the water.

Pot-Filler Faucet

Are you tired of carrying a massive pot from the sink to the stove? This Pot-filler faucet is the best option for you. Attached just above the stove, you can quickly fill your pot with ease.

You do not have to lift heavy pots and fear no spills. The length of the faucet and the heavy flow of the water can reach your sauce-pan and fill it up in no time.

Bola See-through Faucet

This modern design see-through faucet is known for its beautiful look. The lights installed within this faucet adds a colorful accent to the water flow.

This see-through faucet illuminates the room with its spectacular light and design. It is a deck-mounted modern faucet that promises immaculate practical function.

European Vintage Faucet

The European vintage faucet is designed to complement your lavatory and your kitchen; this vintage faucet adds a royal theme and vibe to your home. The sleek copper design is reminiscent of the olden times, but it is incredibly modern as well.

Other than aesthetically appealing, this faucet is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. With this faucet, you’ll enjoy an abundant flow of water.

Fountain Tab

This creative faucet is just a tap away to change the direction of the water flow. The dual function of this faucet makes it flexible for you to adjust the flow of the water.

This faucet comes with a state-of-the-art specialized water pipe, to clean your hands and brush your teeth.

The faucet has a control stick that sets the temperature and the flow of the water. It also has a button to change the direction of the water flow.

Color Changing LED Faucet

The LED color changing faucet is attached to the bathroom sink; this LED faucet is another very modern faucet. The waterfall centerpiece has a chrome finish and the LED gives it a more modern look.

The round shape of the faucet gives it more surface for water to flow. The changing LED lights mixed with the durable deck-mounted faucet give it sturdy characteristics.

+Shifter Faucet

This sleek design is the definition of trendy. Inspired by a car’s gear shift, the control of this faucet is exceptionally innovative. The stick-shift regulates the water flow and adds a very modern look to your space.

Other than the avant-garde design of this faucet, the control that comes with it provides an array of options to you. As the name suggests, the +Shifter faucet is every car-lovers dream.

Rotatable Kitchen Faucet

Perfect for your kitchen, this rotatable faucet is deck-mounted and allows a consistent flow of water. The innovative design of this product gives it an edge but also proves to be very practical.

This faucet comes in a variety of finishes such as a chrome finish and it’s very durable.

Ring Faucet

This faucet is a modern and trendy yet practical appliance to install. The hollow opening of the faucet allows water to flow circularly. With two handles to control the water’s temperature, you are guaranteed a smooth flow of water.

This innovative design is constructed to ensure that water is not excessively wasted. Other than it being a great design, it also adds value to your home.

Hansa Latrava

The Hansa Latrava is a mechanically designed faucet that is a trendy addition to your home with its sophisticated design. Named the Hansa Latrava, this faucet cascades smooth and clear water in abundance.

It is a deck-mounted faucet that pours about 7.81 liters of water per minute. With just a tap, it is straightforward to use and without much hassle.

With these faucets, you now have a wide variety to choose from. You can select the ones that best suit your home’s current decor.