14 White Sofas that are All the Rage

The idea of a white sofa may fill your heart with fear. “What about the red wine stains?” you ask. “My kids love raspberry jam,” you say. “The grandkids love to play with markers!” you exclaim. It’s time to release your anxiety about white sofas. Not only are they always a classic look, they’re right on trend with a wide variety of styles to suit any taste or decor. The best part is, there are more kid, pet, and clumsy adult friendly options than ever before. You can find white sofas in leathers, synthetics, and slip-cover options. You’ll also learn that stain resisting technology makes a whole host of upholstery choices more accessible than ever before.

So if you’ve always dreamed of the fresh, clean look of a white sofa but have been afraid to take the plunge, we’ve got a list of sofa options that are beautiful, on-trend, and even in budget!


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1 – Low-rise modern

One of the impressive things about white sofas is how versatile they can be style-wise. Take this very modern low modern looking sofa which is paired beautifully with tone-on-tone textiles for an eclectic contemporary or transitional look. Upholstery in a light tone like white can make the specific genre of a piece of furniture almost chameleon-like. Going with white is a great way to blend pieces from different decor styles or periods to create an overall cohesive design.


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2 – Wooden arms

Bringing in another material or texture is a great way to add interest to a white couch. Here, with white painted carved arms, the sofa becomes a part of the rich textured backdrop for the beautiful scenery outside the windows and the lush, green plants that make this room their home. The white sofa works wonderfully here to serve its function as seating while also fading a bit into the background and allowing the greenery to take center stage.


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3 – Low-profile platform

Here we see white sofas used to highlight the view outside the windows. With sleek, low-profile platform sofas upholstered in white, the eye is drawn past the floor level and out the windows to the spectacular view on offer. Styled with a white rug and just a few pops of color, this room is a real stunner.


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4 – Room unifier

Open plan living is a fabulous development in home architecture that allows us to live our family lives without being segmented into separate rooms. With open plan living, kitchens open onto living rooms, dining rooms open onto family rooms, and so on. While this offers great advantages for day-to-day family life, it can create headaches when it comes to decorating. No longer is each room an easily defined space, but rather room decor blends together. White upholstered sofas can help tie together several rooms.

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