14 White Sofas that are All the Rage


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5 -Loose throw-pillow back

This beautiful room is an excellent example of white sofas used with finesse. White sofas and upholstery can sometimes give a living space an overly formal look. Here, by using white throw pillows as the back pillows for the sofa rather than stiffer, more rigid upholstered pillows the seating area takes on a welcoming air. This is an excellent choice for a space that may feel too antiseptic or formal.


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6 – Nailhead trim

Decor isn’t just about creating a pleasing, flat scene for a photograph. Good home decor creates a mood and a story. This room uses white sofas to do all of that. As with so many aspects of home decor, the true beauty of a sofa is often in the details. These white sofas are fitted with impeccably detailed nailhead trim to give the room a very polished, finished look. Just look at this warm and welcoming, but well pulled-together room to see how to show nailhead trim on white sofas to its very best advantage. This detail is also cleverly picked up on other upholstered pieces in the room.


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7 – Contrasting back pillows

One advantage to choosing white sofas is that they can work as a canvas for dramatic and strong color choices in your room. Here, the back pillows of the sofa are a mix of textures and prints in bold blues and whites in an homage to delft blue pottery designs. This playful, but sophisticated, look enables the room’s color story to really shine by providing the perfect functional seating backdrop for the colors to pop. The white sofas also offer versatility should tastes or decor change, so that a few new pillows can completely makeover your seating area.


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8 – Scroll arm

The elegant look of a scroll arm sofa is shown here upholstered in natural white to create a sumptuous, restful seating area. White sofas paired with soft earth tones and other tones of white creates a calm oasis in any room, and an incredibly inviting space for guests and family members alike. Linen makes a perfect fabric choice for a white seating area as it adds a rich, understated texture that can complement or contrast other textures in the room to build warm story for any room.


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9 – Contemporary

The clean tailored lines of a contemporary sofa pair well with white upholstery for a crisp, but homey, look. This is a sofa style that can be dressed up or down for more formal or informal seating styles or rooms as needed. And despite what many may think, when upholstered in bright white, a contemporary sofa can work even in a traditional, rustic, or even farmhouse style home. Playing with color is an excellent way to dip into styles that may differ somewhat from your usual decor choices.


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10 – Mid-century modern

There’s something about mid-century modern pieces that says they know themselves. That inner design resolution makes them the perfect choice in rooms where a decorator feels particularly brave or bold. No room design is too grand for a mid-century modern sofa, particularly one upholstered in white. Mid-century modern pieces can be used in contemporary, modern, transitional, and industrial decor, and when styled eclectically can also work in traditional and farmhouse homes.

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