17 Best Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks have become synonymous with luxury kitchens. But despite their high-end appeal, they’re affordable for any kitchen design or remodel with options starting in the mid-$200 range. There’s a reason these statement pieces are so much in demand, and that’s partly because of their incredible functionality. For anyone who does serious kitchen business like canning or preserving, or just cooking for a crowd, these workhorse sinks can hold a lot of whatever you need to clean.

Often referred to as an apron front sink, the original farmhouse sink has gone through quite an evolution in the past few years. Take a look at the seventeen farmhouse sink styles we like best.


1 – Classic single basin white porcelain

This is probably the look you think of when you imagine a farmhouse sink. Some looks are classic for a reason and this one will always be a stunner.



2 – Stone

This isn’t your grandma’s farmhouse sink! We love the luxurious look of this hard-wearing natural stone.



3 – Shallow under-counter mount

If you love the look of an under-counter mounted sink so your countertops flow seamlessly over the edge of your sink, you’ll be excited to learn you can have that aesthetic with a farmhouse sink as well. Add a shallow basin, and you get all the farmhouse look in a way that works best with your style.



4 – Shallow over-counter mount

If you wanted proof that a farmhouse sink can work even in a small kitchen, look no further than this shallow-over-counter mount sink. Not everyone needs a deep sink, and this is a way to get that special apron front sink look even if you didn’t think you had room for it!



5 – Stainless steel offset double apron

This sink packs a lot of function in its cool stainless steel form. While a single basin is perhaps more traditional for a farmhouse sink, sometimes you really need a second basin. You’ve still got the depth and size that an apron sink can offer you, with double the functionality.



6 – Copper double apron

We don’t like to throw the word breathtaking around too much, but there’s no other way to describe this copper farmhouse sink. If you want your sink to be the showstopper in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with this look!



7 – Accessory-ready classic porcelain

These are the little innovations that are winning fans for farmhouse sinks the world over. with specialized lips for functional items like cutting boards and drying racks, these sinks become can’t-live-without kitchen tools.



8 – Contemporary-look textured porcelain

If you’re worried about your apron front sink giving your kitchen more of a farmhouse or traditional flavor than you’d like, then a textured or decorative apron with a contemporary design could be just what the doctor ordered.



9 – Narrower width full-depth porcelain

When space is an issue but you really want that farmhouse sink depth to wash garden bounty or handle massive pots, you can always choose a sink that doesn’t go with a slightly truncated width to make an apron front sink work in the space you have.



10 – Vintage pattern porcelain

If you want a farmhouse sink your guests will tell their friends about, this is the way to go. Whether you go with an antique or just a vintage reproduction, this look will be the cherry on top of any kitchen design.



11 – Concrete double apron

This concrete double apron brings a rich, earthy look to any kitchen that offers as much function as it does beauty. And this look is versatile enough to work in many different kitchen styles from farmhouse to transitional to contemporary.



12 – Counter-depth porcelain

While a protruding front is something of a signature look with a farmhouse sink, it doesn’t work with the design of every kitchen. Particularly in tighter galley-style spaces, or kitchens where there’s little space between wall cabinets and an island. This counter-depth option still gives you all the width and depth you want for your sink.



13 – Drop-in apron front porcelain

If you’re remodeling and require a sink that works like a standard drop-in, this is a great option to make a farmhouse-style look into a minor remodel.



14 – Stainless double apron with drying rack

We love to see the farmhouse sink look elevated with this fantastic drying rack that fits over one of the basins. Stunning!



15 – Bathroom double sink

Looking for a double sink in your bathroom that will leave your guests speechless? We adore this rustic farmhouse sink used with double faucets in a bathroom to create a unique double sink look.



16 – Utility sink

Take the style and function of a farmhouse sink and put it in your laundry or utility room and you’ve got a recipe for housekeeping success!



17 – Beaten stainless steel

This beaten-front stainless steel farmhouse sink brings immediate whimsy and character to any farmhouse or industrial kitchen.