This Year’s Most Surprising Interior Design Trends

For the first time in the history of home décor, many living spaces have received the most care, love, attention, and introspection during the pandemic. Most people spent all their time hunkered down indoors with no idea when they would ever get out.

Naturally, attention turned to our interior surroundings and how to make them suit our new norms, such as working from home and homeschooling. The goal of the current interior design is to suss out what works for their lifestyle and reflect on their personalities.

Interior decor is picking up steam and becoming a full-blown phenomenon to address these new ideas people have about their homes. Generally, trends are more than just colors and patterns.

Great home decor reflects society, priorities, and how the environment impacts your life. The prominent lesson people learned during the pandemic is that the home reflects the people living in it, and it is only alive when you create your version of happiness.

Here are the top interior design styles to look out for in 2022 and beyond. Before you get started, check out these home interior design basics in 2022.

A bathroom counter made of night sky minerals, as found on HomeDecorCraze

1. Night Sky Minerals

As scientific research increases, human beings are getting more accustomed to space details, and the galaxy is coming closer and into houses. The new magical trend is crammed with space-inspired finishes. It features dark blue colors, dotted with pale blue, and white stripes that pop up everywhere for vanity units or luxury tabletops.

Tile with painted arches behind a bed, as part of the arch interior decoration style found on HomeDecorCraze.

2. Arches

Not long ago, nobody knew arches, but they are now the most widespread style in contemporary homes. Arched doors are now big news in most extensions and renovations, featuring gentle curves and softening of the hardened edges that may have increased for years.

Arches hark back to Roman times but now feel contemporary and every homeowner’s choice. You can’t help but look forward to relaxing in a space with nice, curved edges. Experts recommend motifs for decorations or shapes for windows and doors when renovating.

A contemporary room with an oval mirror that has had lines panted on by hand, to give the Trompe L’oeil effect, as found on HomeDecorCraze

3. Contemporary Trompe L’oeil

The literal meaning of trompe l’oeil is ‘deceive the eye.’ The style has been in use for centuries but has never seen widespread acceptance until now. It adds a bit of unexpected humor to the home, making it a talking point for guests who see it. The amusement piece can fold into your current living room trends with ease.

One major style is Bonaldo’s New Perspective Mirror, which is shown in the picture. It offers depth and perspective to provide an illusion of a room beyond the mirror, impacting the person’s imagination standing before it. It has nice lines drawn freehand on the surface to produce a different environment on reflection.

A bathroom with green colored concrete making up the floor, sink, and bathtub, with brass fixtures, as found on HomeDecorCraze.

4. Colored Concrete

Many people have taken the attention of their interior style to their bathrooms. Bathroom trends now are all about injecting personality and maintaining a monastic sense of spa-like serenity, and this is where concrete comes in. The current style has vivid hues combined with texture and the depth it offers makes it a perfect material for bathrooms.

Generally, colored concrete is having a moment, as you can find it in kitchens and the exterior extensions used on floors that have become the world’s favorite material. The material has pigment running, so the marks never show up when it chips.

A hallway featuring neon pink checked rugs, a home décor design new to 2022, as found on HomeDecorCraze.

5. Technicolor Checked Patterns

Remember checking? It is back, and this time it is going forward to turn into technology. The popular print has always kept giving and now has a celebrity makeover updated with bright tones combined with gloss.

The picture above shows an all-in-one solution for anyone looking for bold checks, a lively contemporary style, and natural jute texture. It is the ideal material to breathe life into your narrow hallways. Use them on the floor or take them all the way up to the side of the bath to create a bold look.

Several portable table lamps positioned on an end table, the floor, and some stairs, as part of the surprising home décor trend in 2022, as found on HomeDecorCraze

6. Portable Table Lamps

Not so many people felt the allure of USB lamps with attached chords. Luckily, technology has helped create more inspiring rechargeable lighting solutions that can fit into another realm of stylishness. These new portable lamps are must-have lamp designs to reinvigorate lighting trends this year.

Cordless lamps have grown exponentially in the market as they can fit anywhere. You can perch them on a kitchen shelf as a piece to admire, put them in your bathroom to offer moody members a feel, or style them as part of the dining table to create a unique and luxurious dining moment. The living portable maps provide the much-needed flexibility to fit anywhere around your home.

A room with soft chairs, made to act as cacooning furniture. This is an interior design trend gaining traction in 2022 according to HomeDecorCraze.

7. Cocooning Furniture

As far as home decor trends go, cool cocooning has been gaining pace in 2022. The flabby sofas are comfy, unique, and bring a new vibe to your home. This makes them a hot topic in the market right now, so every homeowner needs to create a relaxing living room.

One major shift in customers looking to renovate their homes is to include comfortable seating with deep cushions and more curves. They offer a nice place to sit or lay down while allowing you to turn from side to side.

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One way to remove the gloomy moments of your lives is to style your home effectively to reflect your personality. Nothing beats the feeling of living in a space you love and feel proud to be in.

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