5 Must See Sofa Trends

Time to update your living spaces? Everything old is new again, and nowhere is that truer than in the sofa market. We’ve got the latest sofa trends you absolutely have to check out before you start to shop. You won’t believe the new twists on some old couch favorites.


1 – Armless

Armless sofas? Yes, this is a real trend! This look gives a clean, contemporary look and also invites your guests to do some serious lounging. For a more inviting look, pair the armless style with with several throw pillows.

2 – Multi-fabric Upholstery

This trend has come and gone over the years, but it is back with again with some seriously cool flair. Rather than high contrast, softer complementary tones are all the rage for this sophisticated trend. We recommend choosing a more durable fabric for seat cushions to keep this look performing well in the long term.

3 – Sectionals

Don’t call it a comeback! The sectional is definitely here to stay now that it has moved beyond the frumpy fraternity house slouch couch of yesteryear. Tailored, refined sectionals are on the rise and they can be the perfect solution for difficult room configurations. They’re also incredibly comfortable for a weekend tv series streaming binge with the fam!


4 – Modern Chesterfield

The classic rolled and tufted look of a Chesterfield has found itself a place in twenty-first century decor. With a hearty nod to the familiar living room furniture of yesteryear, modern Chesterfields use different upholstery and tufting patterns to make you feel at home while keeping your decor solidly anchored in the present day.

5 – Low-backed Leather

Take leather couches out of your grandpa’s study and move them into the twenty-first century with this very modern looking leather trend. When paired with throw pillows to soften the look, this low-backed trend is a winner!