5 Shelving Looks We Love!

We all know that storage is the key to making the most of your space, but when you have to live with your storage out in the open for all to see, the look really matters. Our list of the best looking shelving that really works is the key to solving all your clutter woes!


1 – Metal Bracket Wall Shelving

Yes, brackets are all the way back! Whether paired with white or black laminate, or natural wood, metal bracket shelving is enjoying a resurgence. And why wouldn’t it? It’s so inexpensive and practical! Adjustable height wall shelving can be a real space saver, and it’s also a great way to keep things out of the reach of younger kids.


2 – Grouped Metal Shelving Units

Grouped to give an underlying sense of symmetry, these metal shelving units are just what you need to store a lot of odds and ends in a way that looks polished and pulled together. We’re dying over this weathered brass look, but you can pick a shelf in almost any metal finish you’d like. The great thing about this look is its versatility. It works in modern, traditional, or even farmhouse spaces.


3 – Symmetrical Cubbies

One of the keys to keeping crowded shelves looking neat is for your shelving structure itself to provide a sense of order, and these symmetrical cubby holes are just the way to achieve that sense of orderliness. We love this chunky, thick wood style with its charcoal grey stain, but this look works with nearly any finish. So whether you need a bookshelf, or random odds and ends storage, this is the perfect look for you.


4 – Floating Shelf

This is a shelving style that’s here to say. The neat, clean lines of the floating shelf look gives a foundation of beautiful function to your clutter. We love the way floating shelves can become almost a stage for your most interesting items. Whether you stack or stagger your floating shelves, you’re free to configure these shelves to just the right look for your space.


5 – Asymmetric Stacked

This look gives an updated, contemporary edge to your storage look. While this look requires you to give a bit more thought to object placement to keep your shelves from looking too unbalanced, we love the modern feel of this great storage shelf option.