8 Party-Ready Centerpieces

We’ve all had that moment before our dinner party guests arrive where we look around and wonder if we made our house look inviting enough to make our friends feel welcomed and special. Centerpieces are a great way to dress up your table for guests so they know they’re in for a good meal and even better company. A great centerpiece also allows the hosts to show off their personality and set the right tone for the meal or evening ahead. We’ve got eight centerpiece ideas for your next dinner party.

1 – Candlesticks with drippy candles

Look, the classics are a classic for a reason. This old standby works because it not only tells a great visual story, it really sets a mood. Light, warm, dynamic, organic, we can go on and on about the power a burning wax candle has to make your guests feel like they’ve arrive somewhere special. Try pairing candlesticks with a few shorter clear glass votive holders. Your guests will absolutely bask in the glow of your gorgeous table–and your sparkling conversation, of course!

2 – Monochrome floral arrangements

While you definitely want your food and your good company to be the star of your evening, the beauty and elegance of fresh flowers on your table are hard to resist. One way to integrate that floral magic without your centerpiece sucking up too much attention is to use a single color flower arrangement.

3 – Succulents

It seems like Succulents are everywhere these days, so why not make them your table centerpiece too? These lively little pops of greenery can set just the right minimalist tone for your next dinner party. The great part is, these guys don’t demand much water and are usually pretty hardy so you can keep them on your table year round if you’d like!



4 – Dessert as Centerpiece

Yes, you can actually use your showstopping dessert as your table centerpiece! You might remember your grandma going for this table decor trick, and why not? It’s a great way to remind your guests that there’s even more great courses to come. And adding a bit of greenery and votive candles is a great way to add a little more icing to the cake, so to speak!

5 – Statement floral arrangement

Bring in a large, colorful floral arrangement for a real wow-factor centerpiece. These arrangements work best when you place them smack in the center of the table. Feel free to add some complementary decor around the arrangement like votives or fairy lights, but make sure you don’t use anything that will take the spotlight from your floral stunner.

6 – Fruit on the vine/branch

This centerpiece can really bring some life to your table! The lushness of greenery and the bright sparks of color from the fruit can send exactly the right message about the vibrant meal and exciting conversation your guests can expect at your dinner table.


7 – Themed tableau

Yes, you have to walk a fine line with this one, but if you can find the right balance this can be a very fun and memorable centerpiece. Be sure not to be too over-the-top or (worse) be culturally insensitive if you go this route, but a heartfelt tribute to any theme can create a wonderful welcome for your guests and serve as conversation inspiration throughout the night!

8 – Cooking at the table as Centerpiece?

It’s tough to pull off, but few centerpieces will ever compare to a fresh meal being prepared right in the center of the table. Whether it’s a grill or a fondue pot, making the dinner prep part of the dinner table show is a wonderful way to create a lively and dynamic atmosphere your guests will not soon forget!