9 Amazing Bathroom Tile Trends

Bathroom tile trends come and go, but we’ve broken down the most amazing new styles we’ve seen this year. Some are new. Some are old. Some are older trends just slightly tweaked for updated tastes. Whatever flavor catches your eye, there’s no doubt that tile is one of the most enduring choices in bath and shower rooms because it is versatile, beautiful, and it performs in those damp spaces like a dream. So while form very much matters to all of us, never forget that it’s the incredible function of tile that keeps designers and home owners alike coming back for more!

1 – Matching tile floors and walls

There’s no doubt we all like a crisp, clean looking bathroom. After the kitchen, it’s probably the room we want to give off the most immaculate and hygienic vibes. One of the best ways to do that is to give a sense that your bathroom is enveloped in cool, spotless tile. We love the look of marrying the floor and wall tiles, for an elegant, low maintenance spa-like look of pure perfection.

2 – Jewel tone subway tile

This isn’t your mama’s subway tile! We adore how subway tiles look, and we definitely love how they function in a shower. Now they can give your bathroom and shower a real sense of panache in the daring and lively tones we see floating around this year. As always with bold color, the key is to commit, but not to overdo, so consider just sticking with one lively tone like this azure blue. This is beautifully paired with a sharp white grout that knocks it out of the park.

3 – Same tile in varying size

We are wild about this new bathroom tile trend. The core concept is to take one kind of tile, like this buff ceramic travertine marble look, and use it in varying sizes around the room to create an opulent wrap of gorgeous tile for your bathroom. From the oversized square tiles on the floor to the oversized rectangles behind the toilet, the small neat squares in the shower, and the small rectangles behind the sink, this bathroom tile extravaganza is a rich feast for the eyes.


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