9 Amazing Bathroom Tile Trends

4 – Painted brick

Few finishes give a sense of architectural grounding to a space like brick does, and when given a cool white paint job, brick can become a bathroom decor dream. Evoking a sense of texture and structure, while providing the clean surface necessities of a bathroom or shower space, painted brick may be just the style statement you’ve been looking for.

5 – White marble

Yes, white marble is all the way back. Far from the fussy, yellowed bathroom tiles of yesteryear, the new white marble tile trends are for bathroom-ready finishes in smaller statement tile sizes like this oversize subway tile look. We love this dark beige grout, but you can make a statement with any grout color from black to grey to brown to white. And the key is that this isn’t a look just for massive oversized baths. You can incorporate it into a bath/shower combo and it’s still the cat’s meow.

6 – Wall to wall to ceiling to floor

One of the hottest new trends in bathroom tile is to put it, well, everywhere. If you’re always wondering about how clean the surfaces in your bathroom are, then this is absolutely a bathroom tile look you must consider. Everything, and we do mean everything, in this bathroom is not only waterproofed, but can be hygienically wiped down. Tile on the floors, walls, and ceilings is definitely a design commitment, but we’d love to spend some time in this bath haven any day.


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