9 Stylish New Headboard Trends

We spend so much time in our bedrooms, but sometimes we forget to give them the attention to design detail this high use room deserves. And, of course, the headboard is the undeniable star of bedroom decor. We’ve compiled a list of the latest trends in headboards, and we’re sure one of them will be perfect for your nightly haven!


1 – Linen with Nailhead Trim

Walking the line between coastal, farmhouse, and traditional, linen is such a sophisticated upholstery choice and nailhead trim is the perfect icing on top. This look works in a range of colors and decors, but we love it best in vintage, well-loved earth tones against a statement wall color or wallpaper pattern.



2 – Extra-Wide Headboard

This headboard style is as much statement as most bedrooms can handle. Perfect for over-sized master suites, this look can be an absolute stunner. Luxurious when done with upholstery and unbelievably sophisticated when done with wood paneling, this look is worth considering for your space.

3 – Tall Tufted

These lushly upholstered beauties are more versatile than you think. They work in traditional, farmhouse, transitional, and even modern or industrial decor. Perfect for sitting up to read your favorite novel before bed, these headboard give you a plush spot to retire to before you slip away to the land of nod.



4 – Modern Double Panel

These extra high headboards are sophisticated statement pieces. Not for the faint of heart, or the short of ceiling, these tall beauties really anchor your bed in the room, making the headboard the real centerpiece. We love this two-toned take on the look to give the whole bed a refined look.

5 – Wall-mounted Headboard

This headboard choice is excellent one for bedrooms where space is at a premium. It can also be one of the most budget-friendly choices as well. Whether you’re looking for soft cushions to lounge against, or simply some statement wood paneling, this is a great low-profile headboard choice that doesn’t require any design compromise.



6 – White Wood Panel

This classic headboard look will never really go away, but it’s back with a vengeance at the moment. White wood panelling is the perfect canvas on which to make your statement with bedding and pillows. It’s a long-lived investment look that works in almost any room and is the perfect backdrop for the bedding pieces of your style choice.



7 – Built-in Headboard

Who says the headboard has to be a standalone piece? The built-in look adds storage and function in the form of nightstands and drawer or cupboard space, and can even add bedside lamps. This offers a very tailored, custom look that sets a profound design foundation for your bedroom that will make your room the put-together stylish place you’ve always dreamed of.



8 – Four Poster Bed

Classics are classics for a reason, and nowhere is that truer than with the time-tested four poster bed. For an updated look, metal rather than wood gives a decidedly twenty-first century design flavor to this classic bed style.


9 – Simple Wood Sheet

This is another sleek, beautiful choice which has some very affordable starting points, though depending on the type and grade of wood they can be very expensive. This is a minimalist choice that gives your room a well-grounded but sophisticated basis from which to build, and it works in everything from very light to very dark stains.