Best Wood Paneling Decor Ideas For Your Home

A homeowner may consider designing their home with wood paneling; despite the reservations that some people may have about using this product, it is still a great way to decorate your home. If you find the right places to use this style, it can make your home look cool and inviting. Thinking outside the box is very vital to creating the ideal decor using wooden panels.

Here are some ideas to help you on your way. 


For anyone who watches home decor and renovation shows, you may notice that retro is big once again. Retro is a good idea to make wood paneling look the part. One idea that would make this setup more appealing is to add some boho furniture and art. 


You can use wood paneling in your entryway for a unique look that is hard to beat. It doesn’t have to be the entire entry, but you can use some sophistication to choosing where the panels go. Adding some soft colors creates a nice touch. Leaving the natural color and tones of the wood is a great idea too. 


Bedroom With a Wood Ceiling

Paneling the ceiling gives the home a cozy and exquisite look, mostly if you use bright colors. This style allows the room to feel bigger and brighter with tall ceilings. Experts suggest using white on the walls and the upper portions of the room. 

Wallpaper Combo

Wood paneling and wallpaper make an excellent design if you know what you are doing. The key is to use the right tones of color on the wood with a fancy looking wallpaper. Together they scream excellence and show that wood panels are still rocking it.

Painted Paneling

Empty room with wooden paneling with led light

Artistically painting your walls will make them look outstanding. The same is true for panels of wood that decorate your home. The laundry room is an excellent spot to try this option. The cutest idea is to paint half the panel one color and a lighter tone for the other part. It is best to put lighter colors higher for an exquisite look. 

Chevron Stripes Paneling

Your wood paneling doesn’t have to be the same old style; you can implement some pizzaz into your decor. Chevron stripes are a sassy style that will add character to your room or home. A great idea will be to use this style along your stairs if you have a home with multiple floors. Placing them on both sides of a fireplace or just decorating the living area is cool for a single-story home.

Marble Mix

You can try creating your masterpiece with this idea. Marble is a well-loved stone that gives the wow factor. Using marble with wood panels as a backdrop looks impressive. Be sure to use a marble color that allows you to work the boards to give a nice flow.


Modern living room with wooden walls

Imagine a scenario that you have bought a house with wood paneling. The look isn’t what you would have, but it is there, and you need a solution. Some great suggestions would be to use furnishings and area rugs that complement the wall. Don’t think of dull colors; try creative, bright paints that will make a difference. 

Office Texture

Your home office can pop and feel lively with popular colors like teal and accent blue. Accent colors can add a friendly vibe to wood paneling. It would amaze you what a touch of paint and furniture or shelving can do to your office space. 

Bathroom Design

The bathroom is another place that wood panels can make a daring design. Once you keep them dry and protected from any moisture, you are good to go. The good idea is to use water proof-based paints, so the room gets that wow factor.

Bedroom Pizzaz

Master bedroom with bed against wooden paneling

You can make your bedroom a place of sweet dreams with wood paneling in some areas. A cool design is to place the panel in certain spots; having the boards in the headboard background looks cool.

Giving your walls a half panel design is always an eye-catcher. Think of using bare wood with painted walls for the proper grand design. This style looks much better with a broader wood panel instead of the smaller sizes.

After taking the time to go through these wood paneling ideas, you are ready to give them a try. I am confident you will make some great designs from the inspiration received. Here is to hope that these tips make your decorating skills even better than they already are right now; remember, there is always room for improvement.