Can You Afford One of These 9 Backyard Pools?

You’ve probably dreamed of having a pool in the backyard since you were a kid. And we know your  own kids have probably been dreaming about it too! While it’s still an investment to have a pool at your house, that dream has never been closer for most folks. The average in-ground swimming pool costs $25,700 – $29,600 (Build Swimming Pool Cost – © 2019 Fixr) but there are some adjustments you can make that both raise or lower that average cost. And if you’re a do-it-yourself, there are definitely some savings to be had. So let’s take a look at some swimming pool options that might just work perfectly in your backyard!


1 – Fiberglass Shell – $50,000 total

The great thing about installing a fiberglass shell pool is that there’s no real guesswork to it. Average total installation for this option is about $50,000. The advantages are that you know exactly how big your pool will be, precisely what your depths will be, and exactly the weak points you’ll need to watch for maintenance. This is a great way to get your pool installed and ready for business quickly. While the price tag may be a bit higher than some other in-ground pool options, it’s pretty reasonable when you consider all the guess work you won’t have to do!

2 – Enclosure – $22,125 additional

Always popular in areas of the country where insect and wildlife can make backyard living a little hazardous (Florida, we’re looking at you!), a pool enclosure can be an excellent investment. This way you’ll make sure your pool isn’t decorative, you can really use it! An enclosure adds $22,125 to the cost of your pool installation on average, so it’s an important addition to factor into your other pool must-have checklist items.

3 – Indoor – $20,000 additional

Who hasn’t always dreamed of an indoor pool? To be able to use your pool year round, in any weather is truly the height of luxury. But it’s luxury that comes at a bit of a price, as putting your pool indoors adds an average of $20,000 to the cost of your pool installation. Still, if you live in a four seasons climate, the ability to move your pool usage from 4 months a year to 12 might just make the upgrade worth its weight in gold!

4 – Above Ground – $6,200 total

If you’re willing to forgo that in-ground pool dream, an above ground pool can be a far more affordable option. With total costs running an average of $6,200. Above ground pools generally have much shorter installation times as well if your backyard already has a good, level position for the pool. Once you’re in the water, you won’t even think about the fact that your pool isn’t in-ground!


5 – Concrete – $60,000 total

It’s hard to deny that concrete is one of the most customizable pool surface options you can choose. You can determine the exact size that fits your backyard, and also determine the perfect depth needs for you and your family. And you can choose precisely how your steps or wade-in inclines will work. You also have a wide variety of finish options available too. So if the aesthetic is very important to you or if you have a very specific size need, this may be your best option. It will cost you a bit more to have the option to customize, though, with concrete pools running $60,000 on average.

6 – Vinyl – $37,000 total

Vinyl liners are a great, more economical choice for in-ground pool installation. While you can find some custom shapes, you will be a bit limited by the sizes available for liners. However, this is a great, affordable, durable option that can help get you set up with a backyard pool of your own!

7 – Pool Deck – $7,000 additional

To truly get the maximum use out of your backyard pool, it’s probably a good idea to think about the pool’s surrounding space. You want it to be adequate for you and your family and friends to spread out and relax in between dips! The average pool deck will cost an additional $7,000 on top of the cost of installation, but will make using your pool that much more fun!

8 – Saltwater pool – $50,000 total

Saltwater pools are all the rage–especially for those sensitive to chlorine and other noxious chemicals. While you will have a bit of extra money in setup, and you will need to choose a saltwater friendly finish, maintenance costs are roughly similar for chlorine or saltwater pools.

9 – Infinity pool – $90,000 – $105,000 total

It’s hard to argue with the beauty of an infinity edge pool. This is the ultimate in the custom pool category. But this incredible look will cost you with an average total installation cost of $90,000 – $105,000, but the looks will be worth it!