Dining Table Remixes – Shake Things Up!

Dining rooms are very personal spaces. We eat there, we work there, sometimes we do craft projects and help the kids with homework there. It’s a family space and a formal space and a holiday space. Our dining rooms say a lot about us as people and as families. They’re also rooms that work very hard. Holding up to hot and cold dishes, food and drink spills, and the occasional craft project gone wrong, we ask a lot from our dining rooms.

Beauty is also something we want in our dining space. While we might say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we want a space that appeals to us personally, but also a space that will feel inviting and welcoming for our guests.

Given how much use our dining rooms are getting, it’s no surprise that some dining room decor trends are tending toward mix and match and juxtaposition of materials and textures. While some of this trend is absolutely based in aesthetics, part of it seems to be emerging from the way we use our dining rooms now. You need a dining room chair that will hold up to a red wine spill, but also be comfortable enough for a two hour Zoom call.

Dining tables are trending toward the practical at the moment. Chairs are trending toward comfort. That means there’s a real mix-and-match vibe happening in a lot of our homes. And we’re loving it. Let’s take a peek at some of the hottest remixes happening in dining rooms now.

The banquette

Both comfortable and space-saving, the banquette has long been a smart choice for eat-in kitchens, but we’re seeing it pop up in formal dining rooms as well. Great for families or for anyone who has to spend long amounts of time at the table, banquette seating can be mixed with other chairs and tables for a homey eclectic look that will fit your space perfectly without breaking the bank—or your back!

Multi-colored dining chairs

Yes, this is very much a “thing” right now. Sometimes the chairs are all the same style but in different patterns, and sometimes they’re completely different looks and styles altogether, but a dining set that looks a little bit thrown together from the thrift store has become decor magazine cover chic. The trick is to go for a very lived-in look while bringing together colors that don’t match, but do complement or contrast in a visually pleasing way. This trend is also a great opportunity to accommodate a household with varying tastes in seating. Maybe mom and dad are all about upholstery but the kids would like bright painted wood. Now everyone can get what they want at the same table.

Build your table into the kitchen

After spending more time in our homes than usual, some people wanted to upsize and expand, but others found that repurposing formal dining rooms into offices or schoolrooms was a far better use of space. In that case, the dine-in kitchen becomes essential. No wonder the countertop dining table is experiencing a resurgence. By building a table right off the kitchen counter, you save space and still make your room look unified. It also means having a practical (and easily cleanable) tabletop. This is also a great way to stay connected with your family while you work and do the dishes. Everyone is sharing the same space while doing different tasks.

Set it in stone

Stone tables are having a moment. While heavy, these durable tabletops are perfect for the stresses of multi-task use. They’re tough, easy to clean, and can add real elegance to your decor. Dress them up with upholstered dining chairs, or dress them down with painted wood or metal, if you’ve seen a lot of damage to your dining table lately, stone may be worth your consideration.

Slipcovered Parsons Chairs

Every savvy home decorator knows slipcovered furniture is a key to low-cost redecoration. New slipcovers tend to cost only a fraction of what a new piece of furniture costs and they allow us to not only change the look of our room, but also to quite literally cover up the wear and tear our rooms experience over time. Parsons Chairs are comfortable upholstered chairs that are easily and economically recovered to give your dining room a refresh. Many styles are even washable to make them very family-friendly.

Mix inexpensive durable materials

For a multi-use space, practicality has to find a way to live with attractive finishes. For many of us, a functional dining table also needs to be a functional desk, for us or for our kids. Maybe a laminate tabletop works best for your needs, but you find plastic and metal to be most durable for your chairs. So, why not just combine them? Using uniting colors or styles can help you make this mix-and-match work best in your space. There really aren’t rules for finishes you can never combine, so give this look a try!

Round glass tables

There’s always been room in home decor for round glass tables, but some of the positive functional features of this look have made it very desirable right now. While glass tables do require regular cleaning, they tend to be very easily cleanable. Glass also opens up a space. If you have decided you need a bigger table but are concerned about how something large will look in your space, a glass table may be a good option.

Natural wood finishes go with (almost) everything

If you’re looking to remix your dining room, choosing natural wood finishes for either your table or your chairs can be a good way to help marry different colors and textures together. There’s a tone of wood to match almost any upholstery or other finish you may want to use. Wood is also practical and durable, so you don’t need to be afraid to use it in a dining room that gets a lot of wear and tear. You may want to look for a good hardwood with a heavy varnish finish.