Fantastic Home Decor Styling Tips You Need To Know

Are you looking for some home decor styling tips? This article will provide you with different home decor styling tips to transform your home. You’re about to learn various hacks, tricks, and rules that interior designers worldwide use for an amazing room every time. If you’re looking to redecorate your home or need help getting started on what to do, then keep reading.


Using pillows are the best and most affordable way to amp your space and make it look immaculately designed. By purchasing plain inserts to go inside your pillow covers you can easily change out the covers to match your room’s decor. Using textures, colors and patterns helps give you a layered look that allows your room to pop. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful space that’ll make you feel proud.

Wall Decor

Wall decor can be a bit tricky at times, so one of the best rules to follow is understanding the average human eye height. Studies have shown that it is 4 feet, 7 inches, or 57 inches to be exact. So when you are hanging your artwork be sure to keep that measurement in mind. It will help to ensure that your artwork does not look separated from the rest of the room. By implementing this change, your artwork blends seamlessly.

Styling In Groups Of 3

Yes, a simple but effective tip to help your decor seem well uniformed. By styling in groups of 3, you’re giving your room that triangular diagonal look that makes a room appear to be professionally designed. You’ll want to use a three size scale. By that, I mean small, medium, and large. When you combine 3 elements of various sizes it helps accentuate the room without giving it a cluttered look.

For example, you can decorate in groups of three with your pillows, your coffee table decor, shelves, just to name a few options that you can try. Always keep in mind, scale, texture, and color to make sure you’re not placing the same items together. You can repeat this process for all the rooms in your home. By doing this, you’ll get a grouping that looks intentional and professionally designed.

Let’s say you have a shelf or table, you can implement a candle, a vase, and a mirror to complete your grouping of 3. They are all different sizes, with the mirror being the largest item for the decor.


We all know patterns can be a bit scary to work with at times, as if you get it wrong it can throw off the entire decor of the room. The first thing you’ll need to consider is the scale and type of pattern. When looking at scale, it’s all about does it have one large patterned design or two patterns. By limiting the patterns you are ensuring that you are not overwhelming the room with multiple patterned designs that can look messy and confusing.

When you implement too many patterns, your eye has no idea where to look and for some people, they may even get a headache staring at your wall. The best way to implement patterns is to focus on one pattern and allow that to be the highlight of the room. You can then mix in a smaller scale pattern that helps make the initial pattern “pop” to give that finished look. This helps to give the overall feel and appearance a very balanced look.

This is incredibly helpful when utilizing rugs or wallpaper design.


Having symmetry and balance are key elements to having the perfect decor for your room. Having a nice balance to your room it allows the eye to be attracted to the entire room and not drawn to just one area or aspect of the room. The entire room needs to have an equal balance of decoration to it. Sometimes you’ll find that a room has more focus on one side, while the other is lacking any decor. This imbalance detracts from the room, so it’s key that the entire room has equal focus.

Using similar but not identical decor elements to the room helps give that balance that the room needs to look completely finished. It’s pleasing to the eye and there will be no doubt that the room is essentially complete.


Don’t overlook the importance of scale, as it can be the difference between a room that has a “wow” appearance or a room that just looks out of place. For example, having an oversized vase in your room, and then many smaller items will just give your room a very odd appearance. You also do not want to use undersized items as well. Imagine having a large bedroom with a twin-sized bed in it? It just doesn’t look right.

Always measure your space and pick out furniture or items to match the size you’re working within the room. Whether it is ceiling height or square footage, select items that will fit perfectly into the room. Let’s say you have massive space on your wall, and you put a very tiny piece of artwork on the wall, how do you think that will look? Very out of place right? So, that’s exactly what you’ll want to avoid, always line up your space with items of an appropriate size.


We all know that choosing a color for your room is perhaps the most important aspect of your decor. It can go one of two ways, very bad, or very good. A great rule of thumb is to stick to one color scheme but you can seamlessly blend in slightly different shades of the color. If for example, blue is the color that you’re highlighting in the room, you can accentuate the room with another shade of the central blue color that was chosen.

When you use the different shades they usually nicely contrast each other. This helps provide a very layered look that will give the room a very calming and relaxing feel. Another trick you can use is to utilize a neutral color and then have pops of color in the room. Let’s say your couch is a light grey, then you cause a pop of color in your pillows that will accentuate the grey color of your couch. Just remember to not use multiple colors. If you want to accentuate the room further you can use a variation of the “pop color” to give a layered look.

These, have just been a few helpful tips that you can follow whenever you’re looking to design your room. Think of these as the foundation for every home decor project, and you’ll never go wrong when decorating your home.