Home Interior Design Basics in 2022

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Last year, we saw a variety of home interior design styles. People embraced their inner interior decorator, choosing exotic houseplants and bold, maximalist pieces with plenty of shapes, patterns, and colors–oh my!

This year, the trends are changing, and we’re here to shed some light on them to help you plan out your next shopping spree and figure out what’s missing to make your home feel better, more comfortable, and more beautiful than ever before.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the top home interior design essentials for 2022.

Home Interior Design Basics for 2022

Shopping for the best home interior design pieces in 2022? Here is what’s trending this year:


Home interior design trends for 2022 include colors you’d find in nature, such as green. Green has been dubbed a leading color for painting in 2022 and has even replaced a long-standing blue.

What’s the secret about why green is in? Green reminds us of plants and spending time outdoors. It combines the unparalleled beauty of nature and your outside space with the comfort and functionality of the indoors.

The exact shade of green is more of a personal preference. Think about what matches with the rest of your home interior and ties all the elements together. You can go for a sage green, emerald green, or something else.

Green can be used alongside a variety of neutral colors, such as white and tan. Cool neutrals are usually the go-to, but warmer shades are in demand this year, taking us from pure white to cream, taupe, beige, and other neutral shades.

You can include these colors in your paint or wallpaper, and incorporate them throughout the interior design, from your throw blanket hung over the side of your sofa to your plants and art. Green also looks stunning around wooden interior décor, such as coffee tables.


When it comes to furniture, vintage pieces are trending more and more in 2022. Going vintage shows an appreciation for sustainability and gives your home interior design a personal touch.

Circular-shaped furniture, curved furniture, and other natural-looking shapes are trendsetters this year, meshing well with the nature-based color scheme of greens, browns, and creams.

It all comes down to soft-edged furniture in 2022. Furniture can be used as a type of art, serving as one interior décor piece of many in a home. You can choose your furniture in a variety of colors, but we suggest sticking to neutrals so as to tie the furniture in with any color scheme. However, you can also choose a bright, bold color if you’re looking for a wow factor. (Simply choose furniture with soft edges, and you’ll be on-trend with the right amount of personality to boot.)

Let your furniture do the talking, and select something with a unique, soft shape that will dazzle when surrounded by other décor pieces, such as lamps, wall art, books, and so forth.


There are no limits to your home interior design style in 2022. You can make a splash with maximalism or turn to the always-loved minimalism if you believe that less is more. There are no rules when it concerns creating a bold space that you’ll use again and again.

2022 focuses on functional, beautiful, natural styles with a touch of mindfulness. It gives you the liberty to select a variety of materials, shapes, colors, and more in your interior design, but it also says, “Feel free to choose more than one.”

You can mix and match some of your favorite styles, colors, and beyond to create an eye-catching space that feels comfortable, original, and a breath of fresh air to come home to after a long day.

Steer toward eco-friendly materials to stay in support of the environment like so many others are doing in 2022. Feel free to go new and antique, depending on what suits your aesthetic. Then, choose your signature style, and begin designing a space that you will love this year.


If you’re shopping for new home décor in 2022, don’t be afraid of vintage. Vintage décor provides a sense of comfort and uniqueness that sets your home apart from others.

There’s no need to redo your entire décor collection with new (old?) vintage pieces. Instead, search for a few key pieces that you like, and introduce them to your space to see how they blend together. Then, figure out what elements you can add to make the space even more inviting.

You can find vintage pieces at antique stores, yard sales, online stores, and so forth. However, don’t feel like you have to stop at vintage. Flashy, chic pieces are always in, too. (Plus, you never know what one oversized décor piece or metallic home décor item can do for your look.)

2022 trends point to neutral and jewel tones, but bold patterns are forever up for a fun time. Decide what décor you want. Then, spend some time finding great pieces that enhance your space.

Get started with your new home interior design today.

There’s nothing like having a space you love and feel proud of every day. Let 2022 be your chance to design an indoor space that makes you feel at peace and comfortable.

Home interior design trends in 2022 focus on nature and functionality. Take that and run as you develop your new space, and watch a whole new level of happiness unfold.

Have fun shopping! Remember: you deserve this.

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