7 Swank Area Rug Trends

Whatever your home decor style, your area rugs can make or break your look. They can ground and balance your room, or they can make a defining statement about the room they’re in. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest trends in area rugs so you can pull your space together with the panache of … Read more

11 Dining Table Styles that are Very Hot Right Now

There’s something about a dining table that just makes a house feel like a home. It’s where we gather to share meals, stories, and laughter. And while the standard dining table style has remained relatively unchanged for centuries, there are now more options than ever before when it comes to choosing the perfect table for … Read more

Curb Envy – We Love A Front Porch Revamp

Two-story light gray Cape Cod home with wrap-around front porch in white trim.

We love a high-impact renovation on a budget, and few external projects add va-va-voom to your home like a front porch revamp. Every neighborhood has a showstopper. That one house that catches your attention as you drive by. Maybe it’s the front yard, maybe it’s the architecture, or maybe it’s someone with a clever eye … Read more

Bathroom Updates You Need Now

Bathroom with blue tiled walls and full-length window with city view.

Nothing sends home remodelers running for the hills faster than the idea of bathroom updates. Yes, changing bathroom fixtures is a big-time (and money!) commitment, but it is worth it! Keep in mind that you’re not just updating the look, you’re replacing fixtures that have a set shelf-life. This is about good home maintenance, not … Read more

Simple Bedspreads are Back, Baby!

Brass bed with white coverlet and beige blanket in blue room.

Incorporating hot new looks into your home decor is often a massive headache, but the latest trend for simple bedspreads is a painless exception. The bedroom should be a quiet retreat from life’s crazy bustle, so it’s no wonder fashion is drifting toward gentle tones, rich textures, and soothing patterns. The best part is, you … Read more

The 5 Top Home Décor Trends of 2022

Sculpted yellow chair and ottoman with hanging lightbulbs and a potted cactus against a gray wall, showing many of the top 5 home décor trends in 2021

Ever feel like embracing your inner Joanna Gaines, but not sure where to start? Well, grab your overpriced Target notebook (you know the one), take a seat at that tulip table in your makeshift breakfast nook right beneath the window, and slide your houseplant aside. It’s time for some notes (shopping?). Fair warning: you might … Read more

Dining Table Remixes – Shake Things Up!

Dining rooms are very personal spaces. We eat there, we work there, sometimes we do craft projects and help the kids with homework there. It’s a family space and a formal space and a holiday space. Our dining rooms say a lot about us as people and as families. They’re also rooms that work very … Read more

Are You Ready for a Gray Kitchen?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the gray kitchen trend. And it’s not just kitchens! Everything is gray these days, from hardwood floors to cabinets to walls and trim, it’s gray gray gray gray gray. What is it about this tone that has the whole world scrambling to add gray to … Read more

DIY – Painted Furniture

Don’t send your favorite pieces off to the charity shop just because they’re looking a little bit dated! If you’ve ever complained that they “just don’t make furniture like they used to,” it may be time to consider painting your furniture! A paint update can do more than just make worn furniture look new again. … Read more

12 House Plant Havens

  Bringing a living thing into your home decor scheme can be one of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of designing a room. After all, most of the items in your room won’t grow or change–at least they won’t change for the better! Nurturing a houseplant is rewarding in and of itself, but the … Read more