Inspiring Basement Decor Ideas

Many homeowners may have a basement that they desire to spruce up. Your basement can be a secondary living quarter for you or a family member. If you are one of those who fall into this category, you may be looking for some ideas to inspire your next step. Well, you are in luck; take a look at these awesome basement decor ideas to give your basement that shine.

Billiard & Storage Ideas

I have seen many basements with the conventional style of a pool table and a storage place. Decorate the wall with a rack to hold the billiard sticks and other games like darts.

Visual Entertainment Space 

Home theatre with red and black walls waiting for an audience

A basement is an ample space to entertain yourself. For some, it can be the focal point for a large screen for some TV time. All that you need is some seating as you focus on the wall with the television. 

Hobby Spot

If you are the type of person who loves to have a hobby, then using part of your basement could be a great idea. Certain hobbies require tools and small pieces, which means you can have shelves on the wall nicely designed. Plenty of storage along the walls works wonders.

Cozy Space

There are times when you want that my time in a nice quiet space. Creating a little nook in the corner of your basement could be just what you need. A simple set up with walls decorated with those things that help you relax is perfect. 


Placing a mirror or mirrors in the basement can be practical and create an elegant setting. Mirrors can create the feeling of a larger space and serve other purposes. If you chose nicely decorated mirrors, they look great as focus pieces.

Display Point

Abstract paintings on raw wall

Some people use their walls as a place of focus by placing paintings. Multiple paintings on a wall can create a sense of being in an art gallery. Your taste in art can also reflect your personality in some way.


Cheerful teenage couple sitting on a floor at the bookshelf

Building bookshelves into your basement wall can add character and style to the room. Bookshelves can hold more than just books, making them an excellent choice when designing your space.

Industrial Inspo

Giving your basement an industrial look is a perfect idea as it can add appeal to your home. The material you pick for the design can be various material types, combining for a great look.

Sound Room

Music lovers can make their basement an excellent place to set up their music station. Incorporate features like a large TV and speakers along with instruments you may use. The neighbors are less likely to complain if you are in the basement. Don’t forget the little nooks to store your guitar or other musical instruments.

Ideal Combination

Some basements are large enough to have multiple things going on at the same time. If that is the case, then your walls can serve many purposes giving the space a unique look as you decide what goes where.


Posters are nothing new, but they are still used widely by many people. You can decorate your walls with posters that suit your taste. These posters will give others an idea of what you prefer. 


Individuals use walls in their homes as a means of expression. We mentioned posters and artwork. Using ornaments and other features are also an excellent way for you to be expressive. You can combine posters, art, and other stuff if you like.

Glass Art

Glass is a versatile material. You make into many things that are both functional and beautiful. Decorate your walls with glass art that can take any shape you so desire. It can serve as a talking piece and draw attention.

Extra Bedroom

It is unlikely that a basement would be complete without that extra bedroom. Any bedroom would look gorgeous will a nice wall decorated with pictures and other arrangements. 

Wooden Art

Decorating a wall can make all the difference to its appearance and transform that space. Wooden art is an excellent way to make that wall stand out and be a lovely focal point. 

Tiling Artwork

Tiles are a versatile product that, if used right, will make an outstanding impression. Subway tiles and artwork tiles can make the type of statement that cries exemplary.

These are some of the great ways you can make your basement wall pop and transform that room. I hope you found the ideas shared inspiring as you make your design your very own.