17 Best Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks have become synonymous with luxury kitchens. But despite their high-end appeal, they’re affordable for any kitchen design or remodel with options starting in the mid-$200 range. There’s a reason these statement pieces are so much in demand, and that’s partly because of their incredible functionality. For anyone who does serious kitchen business like … Read more

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8 Top Ceiling Trends

  When it comes to home decor, we all have blind spots. One aspect of interior design that many people overlook when they’re styling their home is the ceiling. Even the most sumptuously designed room can fall a bit flat if the ceiling is just a wide-open, flat canvas. The good news is that it … Read more

10 Hottest Paint Trends

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10 Creative Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Kitchens not only get the most wear and tear in your home, but they also do the most to express your family’s unique style and character. We want our kitchens to tell our story for us! That’s why decorating your kitchen is so personal, and also seems to be a never-completed project. This is why … Read more

7 Bookshelves for Book Lovers

If you’re a lifelong reader you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of books. It doesn’t really matter what kind of reading you enjoy, whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biographies, histories–your books mean something to you. You’ve got the old favorites you read again and again. Most likely you have reference books, and atlases, and coffee table … Read more

Can You Afford One of These 9 Backyard Pools?

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