Simple But Effective Tricks To Transform A Small Bathroom

Having a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to feel cramped and claustrophobic. There are several ways you can help improve the overall look, feel, and size of your bathroom. Home decor specialists have long used these kinds of tips outlined in this article to give their client’s bathrooms a larger feel despite its small square footage.

Most of us know how it feels to have a small bathroom that feels cramped, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some tricks and tips that you can utilize to give your bathroom a more significant “feel and look”. Take the time to go through these tips and tricks to transform your small bathroom.

Tip #1: Big Mirror

By utilizing a wall to wall mirror, you’re going to create the illusion that your space is enormous. A simple but very effective way to make any room appear to be more extensive. When combined with a light color scheme, it works perfectly to showcase your bathroom.

A big mirror is perhaps the first step you should take when trying to make your room appear more significant than it is.

Tip #2: Shower Benches

A shower bench is a perfect way to utilize your space if you have a small shower. By integrating a “floating” bench, it gives a modern feel to your shower, and it makes a bold statement, especially when paired with a glass enclosure. It is functional, provides value, and takes up no additional room.

If you scour home decor magazines, you’ll find lots of interior designers and contractors using this trick to ensure that the space within the room is utilized to its maximum potential.

Tip #3: Lighting

By providing added light to your bathroom, it can give it a more filling feeling. Using a hanging pendant light can increase the lighting of the room and make it look expansive. It provides excellent function and highlights the room well while providing a modern look.

Check your local lighting store to see an expansive selection of hanging lights you can use in your bathroom.

Tip #4: Built-in Cabinets

Instead of having bulky external cabinetry, having the cabinets built into the walls and not protruding helps provide functionality without taking up additional space.

Of course, it’s not always practical to have built-in cabinetry if your home is pre-built, but if you’re building from scratch with limited square footage, then this is a great solution.

Tip #5: Curved Corners

Using soft curved edges is a great idea to make a smaller bathroom appear to have more space. Instead of a rectangular sink countertop used a curved edge. Incorporate the cabinetry below it as a curved as well, and you’ll have adequate space for storage without it appearing overly bulky.

Tip #6: Deep Storage

A trick that many designers use is to utilize deep storage. What exactly is deep storage? Well, when designing your bathroom, you can have the storage built into the wall. For example, a mirror that, when opened, reveals ample storage area within the wall.

Tip #7: Mirror With Built In Shelving

If you do not want to have bulky cabinetry, an easy trick to utilize is building a built-in mirror with shelving. It provides an illusion of more space, along with still providing you with storage.

It’s a trick that interior decorators have long used to hide your storage area to give a clean and modern look.

Tip #8: Floating Shelves

Using a floating shelf is the perfect trick for any room, so why not try it with your small bathroom? It’s pretty easy to set up and does not take up any additional space. Simply put, it’s a great way to add extra storage to your bathroom.

These floating shelves can blend seamlessly into the color scheme of your bathroom, and it’ll give it a very modern and chic look.

Tip #9: Glass Shower Doors

A glass shower door is another illusion trick that can make your small bathroom appear more extensive than its actual square footage. Combining a clean white finish with a glass shower door will make the room seem large while providing a modern look.

If you are concerned with the glass shower door is see-through, you can opt for translucent glass and not transparent.

Tip #10: White And Bright

The color scheme of your bathroom plays a large role in whether or not it appears large. Using light colors, such as white, gives the bathroom a clean finish that makes it look extensive.

The key is to stay away from dark colors as they make your room appear smaller. The lighter the room, the more expansive it will appear to be.

Tip #11: Sky Lights

A trick that has been around for many years is to use skylights in your bathroom. Why? It’s simple; it makes your room appear larger and provides natural light throughout the entire room. A skylight is especially useful if your bathroom does not have any windows.

Tip #12: Floating Sinks

We’ve talked about floating shelving, but why not have a floating sink as well? Instead of a bulky sink, opt to have that floating appearance. It saves space, and it’ll give your bathroom a very chic and modern look.

Tip #13: Windows

Always keep the windows in your bathroom free from anything blocking the natural light that comes through. This lighting is essential to give the bathroom that immense feeling, so be sure to let the light shine through as much as possible.

Tip #14: Multiple Mirrors

Setting up multiple mirrors in your bathroom can help give a larger appearance. Light bounces off the mirror to give the illusion of a more expansive room. Even setting up a smaller mirror and the traditionally larger one helps with the room’s overall lighting.

With these robust solutions, you can now incorporate them to give your small bathroom that larger feel. Even though you’re not technically increasing the square footage, you will be adding value to the room and practicality.