12 Nursery Wallpapers You’ll Love

There are few more enjoyable decorating jobs than choosing decor for a baby’s nursery. As with any room, you have to start with the room’s design foundations like the floors, the windows, and the walls. While your first instinct may be to paint, wallpaper should absolutely be on your radar for wall design. Wallpaper has enjoyed a resurgence in home design over the past decade and nurseries are one of the rooms where wallpaper design has become very fun and whimsical. Whether your nursery plans are them based, or more eclectic, there is probably a trendy wallpaper design that would complement them beautifully. We’ve looked all around the internet and found some nursery and kids room wallpaper you’ll absolutely adore. Some that work for a baby girl’s rooms, some for a boy’s nursery, and some that are completely gender-neutral.



1 – Monotone print

Just as with any other room in your house, a good way to add some texture and visual interest to your room is with a monotone print wallpaper. Whatever overall color story you’re going for in your baby room, just look for something that strikes the perfect background look to make furniture like a crib or dresser pop.



2 – Bold theme print

What’s the opposite of a wallpaper print that fades into the background? A wallpaper that comes growling into the forefront of the room’s visual space. When you choose a bold, colorful wallpaper print like this it will tend to define the theme of your nursery. This can make furniture and other design choices much easier as you’re playing simply working to support your fabulous statement wallpaper. We love this fun tiger and oranges print, it gives the traditional animal theme a sophisticated update.



3 – Small print theme

Choosing a themed wallpaper print doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing business. If you’d like wallpaper that fits with your nursery theme but doesn’t make itself the feature of the room, consider a smaller print with illustrations or other designs that work with your theme but don’t overwhelm it. Your little dipper will love it.



4 – Frame it

Sometimes a wallpaper print is so beautiful you think it really belongs in a frame. So why not actually frame it? By adding a bit of moulding around the edges of your wallpaper print, you will make it stand out like a massive piece of artwork.



5 – Geometric

There’s something strong and resolved about a geometric wallpaper print. Whether you choose a neutral tone or a bolder color, geometric designs can bring a soothing sense of calm and order to a baby room.



6 – Buffalo check plaid

If you want to make a bold and firm statement with your room’s wallpaper without boxing yourself into a design corner with the rest of your decor, consider a buffalo check plaid wallpaper print. Buffalo check comes in reds, blacks, blues, grays, and greens, but this black-and-white look is a classic. This wallpaper also has the advantage of being able to become totally gender-neutral when you choose the black-and-white shades so if you want something you can recycle with a second (or third) baby, this is a great choice that still leaves you with lots of future options.



7 – Educational

Who says an infant is too young for educational decor? And who says educational decor can’t be cute and fun? Whether you choose dinosaurs, constellations, shapes, or colors, wallpaper that helps to stimulate the mind of your little one may also help make their nursery a sweet and adorable place as well. Who says you can’t have form and function?




8 – Cityscape or streetscape print

Everything is better with a sense of whimsy, and that’s never been more true than with cityscape wallpaper that has been re-imagined for a baby room. With dreamy children’s art and even sometimes characters as well, your nursery can help set your child up for a lifetime filled with stories and imagination. Just imagine reading your favorite children’s books in a wonderful room like this!



9 – Clouds

Nothing says it’s time to head off to the Land of Nod like a dreamy cloudscape on the wall. Whether you opt for this very pretty watercolor look or a more cartoonish hard-lined cloud shape, this is a look you can’t go wrong with. It also works as a great gender-neutral background to grow with your child, or upcycle for your next offspring.


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