These 11 Flooring Trends are Back

Painting is easy, so is getting new furniture, but new floors? You just don’t do that every day! So whether you’re trying to decide if you should refinish or refurbish your current flooring, or if you’re looking to install something new, it’s a good idea to think about choosing something that will withstand not only the heavy use your family (and pets!) will give it, but also something that will stand the test of time. We’ve got all the flooring trends that have come and gone and come back again so you can pick something that will give your home a timeless look.

1 – Travertine

Yep! It’s back baby. Sure we all remember how travertine, especially the light buff and sand-colored stuff, was everywhere in the early 2000s. Well it’s back and subtler than ever. Whether you’re looking for style, durability, or just something that can take a beating but still look great, this travertine tile floors may work well for you. Be sure to hire a professional stone installer who knows their stuff so your floors will last for decades.

2 – Dark wood

Whatever your flavor from dark oak stains to mahogany, dark wood flooring is definitely back on the menu. While the current dark color trends tend to stay in the grey and yellow tones, we’ve even seen a few red-toned dark woods popping up in magazines and on Pinterest. If darker tones are what you’re looking for, you might do well to go with a quality pre-finished wood which has a finish that can stand up to scratches and normal wear and tear.

3 – Pickled wood

You may remember this trend from the late 80s or early 90s (or if your frame of reference goes further back, maybe the 40s or 50s). This is one of those trends that pops up with staying power every few decades to make a really punchy statement in any home. While the current trend is for the whiter and grayer tones, we’ve seen some gray-pinks re-emerging as well. If you’re looking for a light wood flooring look that is very forgiving to scratches and keeps your rooms in a nice neutral zone, this could be your best option!

4 – Diamond pattern tile

Think less about the specific material for this flooring, and more about the style in which it’s laid. You can take any tile, whether ceramic, stone, even saltillo, and lay it in a diamond rather than square pattern. This adds new depth and dimension to any room, and can make even a less expensive flooring choice look more dynamic and bespoke. This look works best in square or rectangular rooms, as curved walls can make it a bit visually overwhelming, but it’s a bold choice that could be just the ticket to make your home shine!

5 – Wood planks with visible nails or pegs

Straight from the boards of Pinterest, here is a very old wood flooring style made absolutely new again. While these functional floors with their large and obvious fastenings were once more likely to be seen in barns and attics, now they’re front and center in living spaces making a cool and eclectic statement. This wood flooring works best with transitional, farmhouse, or industrial style homes, but could potentially work with almost any look.

6 – Oversize tiles

Oversize tiles with dimensions of two or more feet were all the rage a decade ago and now they’re back to party again. Depending on the size of your room, oversize tiles can create a real visual feast, creating intimacy in small spaces, or the sense of open linear planes in smaller ones. The surface material of your tiles is up to you, but you will want to consult with an expert installer, and talking to a professional decorator to be sure these tiles suit your space wouldn’t be a bad idea either. But the impact they can have is second to none!

7 – Oak strip flooring

We wouldn’t be wrong to call this look a wood flooring classic. While wider planks have dominated the flooring market for the past couple decades, thinner oak strip flooring seems to be back in the running again. We love it for the variations and sense of dimension it can create in even smaller rooms. It’s like the little black dress of wood flooring, few rooms aren’t more flattering when they’re wearing this. While medium toned oak is still the standard, this look is available in a wide variety of hardwoods, and of course almost any stain color you prefer.

8 – Vinyl strip and vinyl tile

Yes, vinyl flooring is very much back but this isn’t your Grandma’s kitschy faux ceramic. Vinyl strip and tile flooring has taken a very sharp turn toward the sophisticated, and it seems like everyone has been sitting up and taking notice. It’s not as if anyone ever doubted the practical functionality that vinyl could offer as a flooring surface, it was always the aesthetics that made the high end designers turn their noses up. But no longer! There are wood-look vinyl strips that could fool the most discerning of tastes, with the ability to stand up to wear and tear that moms and dads the world over will love!

9 – Slate

Slate flooring is back and it is better than ever. You’ll be less likely to see the broad tone variations these days, and more likely to see flooring laid within simple, more even hues. But the durability and timelessness of a slate floor will always make it a contender for best timeless look. Especially when it’s laid in larger tiles or stones to give the look of flagstone. So if you’re in the market for and investment grade flooring that’s durable, grounded, you could do a lot worse than slate tile.

10 – Diagonal wood flooring

Great fashion is all about working the angles, and that’s as true of flooring as it is anything else. Wood flooring laid on the diagonal is a sophisticated way to add interest to a space, particularly in open concept or loft-style flooring plans. We love how it broadens the visual field and creates a sense of movement and flow. Look for wood and finish styles with vary little color and grain variation to make sure nothing stops the eye from continuing to slip along the visual plane, like this light toned wide-plank oak.

11 – Gray wood floors

Gray toned wood has been making a splash for the past decade or so, but as the tones have expanded beyond the light ashy looks that first emerged, it’s clear that every tone of gray wood floor is back and here to stay. While you will want to consider the size of your room, and the amount of natural light it receives, before making your gray wood flooring choices, it really is tough to go wrong with this one. After all, a gray wood floor works the same way a gray wool coat does–it goes with absolutely everything!