Watch for these 9 Non-traditional Sofa Styles

It’s the time of year when we start to think about updating our homes, so it’s a good idea to check-in on the new trends in furniture and fittings for the new year. Sofas have been undergoing an evolution over the past few years with traditional styles being eschewed more and more in favor of newer seating concepts. We’ve got a list of some of the hottest non-traditional sofa styles and trends you’ll be seeing over the next year that are worth considering if you’ve got redecoration plans in your future!

1 – Structured Bags

Think of these like bean bags sewn together into a sofa, although often this look hides a firmer structure within. These overstuffed, lush sofa styles are exactly what many families are looking for when they want a great place to lounge and watch the big game or binge a tv show.

2 – Backless

Prepare yourselves, lumbar support lovers–backless sofas actually are coming in style. While they’re not for everyone in a practical sense, we can’t deny that they offer a stunning look. They pair particularly well with modern homes and large rooms.

3 – Built-in

Sure, built-in sofas have always played well in sunken living rooms, but this look is showing up in a banquet style in more traditional living spaces as well. If a custom-sized seating arrangement is what you’re looking for, the built-in look could work really well in your space.


4 – Nouveau Futons

This isn’t your grandma’s futon sofa! Many futon looks are being configured with arms and even backs to work more functionally like sofas when they’re in the seated position. This is the sort of space-saving solution that has become a full-blown trend as the concept of tiny house living has really taken off.

5 – Sculptural

Who says a sofa can’t also be a piece of art? As sustainability becomes a more prominent part of home decor purchasing decisions, investment grade sofas are en vogue. Don’t think you’re sacrificing comfort for aesthetics, though, many of these sculptural styles are specially designed to be perfect for your next Netflix session.

6 – Reusable Pallets

Not only is repurposing shipping pallets as furniture a great sustainable sofa option they can also offer a built-in update feature as well. You can simply recover or replace your cushions as they fall victim to wear-and-tear, meaning you can update your room’s look without completely discarding your sofas. We love the versatility and look of this new sofa trend!


7 – Movable Backs

If you like to have the option to adjust the way you lounge, these movable backed sofas will be perfect for you. You can line up the back cushions side-by-side for a more traditional sofa back, or spread them out so everyone in the family can determine their own lounging style. Look for more and more customized use features in sofas in the new future!

8 – Blocks

Block-look sofas with modular features will be all the rage in the coming year. This style carries a lot of visual weight and really grounds a room, and these sturdy styles are great for families that spend a lot of time lounging on the sofa!

9 – Modern Daybed

Daybeds have undergone a metamorphosis in the past decade, and they’ve really come into their own with his new trend toward modern looks that deliver both style and serious dual function. With tailored looks that work great as both a mattress and a sofa, modern daybeds are a great new option for multi-functional spaces!