What Is Maximalism, and How Do You Do It?

Ever look for interior design inspo on Pinterest, only to think, “This is all beautiful, but why doesn’t it feel like me?”

We hear you.

You should love your home décor. Your living space should make you feel happy, comfortable, and at peace–and you shouldn’t have to go with “just another look” because you see it on your favorite Netflix shows or in home décor magazines.

As the saying goes, “One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure,” and that can apply to your home décor, too. Some people *love* a quiet, subdued style, while others want something a little louder that livens the room and introduces the right amount of personality.

That, friends, is where maximalism comes in, and today, we’re going to let you in on all the secrets on how to bring this unique style into your living space. Let’s get to it.

What is maximalism, and how do you do it?

You might have all the good things to say in the world about bamboo and clean, put-together living spaces (you know–the ones with the matching throw pillows), but there’s something to say about standout design elements that no one else has.


Maximalism is a home décor style defined by three things (in general):


  • Bold statement pieces
  • Bright, loud colors
  • Personal touches


Maximalist décor packs a big punch. It tells a story about your life, showcasing what’s most important to you. It can prelude to your love for paperback books or lighthouses, or it can give visitors a glimpse into your backpacking trip across Europe or your time spent volunteering abroad in South America. Maximalism allows you to piece together elements of multiple different home décor styles to create a unified (but personality-filled) look that resonates with you.


Many other design trends might steer you away from putting your beloved collectibles front and center. However, maximalism is different. It encourages you to design your space around your interests and passions, as well as showcase those treasured items you’ve left boxed up for years. So, feel free to remove the “donate” sticker from your moving boxes and find a new home for those forgotten items you love so much that really define who you are and what is important to you.


These items may include small antique cars, animal statues, trinkets from your travels, records from your favorite artists, or artwork from talented local painters. Regardless of which items you choose to bring into your space, there are a couple of elements to consider as you put together your new home décor.

Elements of Maximalism

Loud, bold pieces and a thoughtfully put-together design can make a world of difference for your comfort. Maximalism is all about creating joy and contentment in your living space by surrounding yourself with things that are of value to you or that catch your eye in a good way.

Some common maximalist design elements include:

  • Textures
  • Patterns
  • Vibrant colors
  • Layering
  • Personal pieces

(Stay tuned for how to bring these elements into your home below.)

Maximalism vs. Boho

We can’t say enough good things about boho. Its earthy vibes can be really centering when you’re cooped up all the time. This style is similar to maximalism in that it incorporates a variety of pieces to highlight your personality and interests, but the color palette is a big area where they differ.


Generally, maximalism has one main color (usually something bold, like red, blue, etc.) and other patterns and colors that complement that cornerstone color. Boho décor is no stranger to colors, layering, and textures. However, it keeps the design a lot more toned down, often circulating around colors you’d find in the natural environment, such as browns, whites, and greens.


Houseplants (and plenty of them) work in both styles, but boho uses plants to bring peace to the living area. In contrast, maximalism tends to work better with exotic plants you might not see at the average house.

Maximalism vs. Minimalism

Minimalism is a beautiful style that centers around the idea that less is more. It generally includes muted pieces, abundant white space, and the bare minimum essentials you need in a space. It leaves you some room for a little fun (such as picking out a small selection of houseplants from your local florist), but it’s more about creating peace.


Minimalism removes the distractions. It’s quiet and simple, offering relaxation if you lead a busy life or are downsizing from a lifetime of collecting a little of everything.


Okay, now think of the opposite of minimalism. We are talking about loud, busy, and colorful—with a lot of home décor pieces to work with. That’s maximalism for you. Maximalism is whatever you want it to be—exotic prints, sculptural furniture, splashy art, bright wallpaper, unique rugs, and at least one statement piece.

How to Incorporate Maximalism

Maximalism is what your Pinterest dreams are made of, and honestly, the sky’s the limit. Here are some pointers to help you recreate your space with this style:

  • Don’t be afraid of animal prints. A carefully placed leopard print throw blanket or rug can add the right splash of personality into a space without taking over the design.
  • Have fun layering with plenty of patterns and textures. One of the best parts about maximalism is that you can layer your patterns and pieces to create an eye-catching effect that is fun and exciting. If you love checkered pieces, floral prints, or geometric designs, bring them into your living space. (And don’t feel like the maximalist approach is just limited to your living room. You can bring the same style into your bedroom interior design.)
  • Choose one primary color. Maximalism is loud and bold, with plenty of opportunities to get creative. And like most modern home décor styles, you need a main color to focus the design around. There are no real rules on secondary colors, but keeping one main color can ensure your design is balanced and doesn’t look random or confusing. Think of that primary color as a centerpiece. Everything else should complement it to complete the design.
  • Go with unique, sculptural furniture. If a sectional or cute little loveseat is not the vibe, go crazy with circular or square-shaped furniture. Maybe a basket chair or a curved sofa (or another nontraditional sofa) is more your style. Different styles and shapes create a beautiful effect in maximalism and can make your living space look different from anything your friends have seen. It can also be inspiring, which is especially helpful if you’re surrounded by not-so-inspiring settings all day and need something new and fun to come home to at 5 p.m.
  • Add mirrors, big lights, murals, or fun signs. You can’t go wrong with statement pieces that look like they’re from a different time. To keep things modern, just make sure it all blends together well and makes sense. Let your home décor tell a story–your story–and it’ll feel like the home you didn’t know you needed.
  • Bring out your favorite pieces. (It’s worth saying twice!) Love to travel? Collect anything in particular? Have something that truly brings you joy? Maximalism allows you to use items that mean a lot to you in the décor. It’ll feel friendly and comfortable whenever you enter your home, which—let’s be honest—is always the goal.

Bring maximalism into your modern home décor today.

Now that you know more about maximalism, we hope you’ll use this opportunity to figure out if this home décor style is what you’ve been looking for. If it is, remember to have fun and not be afraid to spice things up with exotic colors and patterns. At the end of the day, what makes you happy is most important.


Have fun decorating, everyone!


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