10 Latest Fireplace Looks

5 – Tall and slim

While you may hope and dream you’ll have a roaring fire in your home, sometimes you just don’t have the square footage to make it work. Fireplace trends are showing several new options for those who want the look and feel of a fireplace but may not have the space. From condos to townhomes to apartments, solutions like this thin and trim custom wood-burning fireplace can give you all the look of a beautiful mantelpiece while working within your specific space limitations.


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6 – Corner fireplace

Forget about those spec house corner fireplaces that looked like an afterthought! The new trend for corner fireplaces is to keep all the warm convenience of a fireplace while also maximizing decor potential. The new corner fireplace trend focuses on dynamic furniture layouts to keep the fireplace at the heart of your design.


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7 – Pass-through

Pass-through fireplaces appeared on the scene a few decades ago as a sort of novelty, but now they’re being built into home design in a truly show-stopping way as is seen in this gorgeous rustic stone masterpiece. Often used to unite living and dining spaces, or even living and kitchen spaces, these fireplaces have moved beyond trend to staple in high-end traditional, farmhouse, and rustic home designs. This is a look that can work with wood-burning or gas inserts, or as glassless gas fires as seen here.


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8 – Light brick

You may have thought this look got left in the 1980s, but it is back in a big way. Pale brick from whites to grays to light pinks and blues are popping up in fireplace designs everywhere, like this stunning floor-to-ceiling number. If you happen to have a pale brick fireplace, consider a new mantel or even just a fresh paint job for your existing mantelpiece to show off your trendy fireplace.


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9 – Mixed finishes

Sometimes you have a perfectly functional fireplace that just needs a little spruce up. If you’re looking for a creative treatment for the standard gas fireplace insert you inherited in your present home, mixed finishes like this wood and tile matchup can create tremendous visual interest and give your living space a conversation-starting focal point. And if you have any handyman skills, this is a makeover you can potentially achieve on your own. Think about on-trend eye-catching tile, unique wood or stone finishes, and even plaster finishes to make this look truly your own.


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10 – Tall firebox

This jaw-dropping extra high firebox can work in a host of decor styles. In this case, it works beautifully to accommodate a free-standing wood-stove, but it can work with a gas insert or traditional wood-burning fireplace as well.

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