7 Swank Area Rug Trends

Whatever your home decor style, your area rugs can make or break your look. They can ground and balance your room, or they can make a defining statement about the room they’re in. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest trends in area rugs so you can pull your space together with the panache of someone with their finger on the pulse of home design.


1 – Vintage Look

Well-loved, well-worn heirloom rugs are all the rage. But if you don’t have the budget for a pricey vintage rug, you can achieve the same look with some of the fabulous distressed options on the market. Look for softer, earthy tones throughout to hit the perfect vintage notes.



2 – Two-tone Geometric

Geometric area rug designs have moved beyond just modern decor, and two tone geometric looks have definitely hit the mainstream. You’ll find these strong patterns in traditional, farmhouse, and transitional homes as well. For this look, it’s all about balancing the tonal variation between the colors. A more stark color contrast can make the rug your focal point, a less stark contrast can make your rug the foundation of a fabulous room.


3 – Faux Cowhide

Yes, cowhide and pony hair rugs are back with a vengeance! The faux option is where it’s at for this funky design statement. These rugs can make a powerful statement or add a touch of whimsy to most design styles. Be sure not to hide this rug under a bushel, though, put it in a spot where it’s mostly exposed for highest impact.



4 – Monochrome

This simple area rug style is the best foundation for a monochrome room design. It works best with white and earth tones, but the only real limit to this trend is your imagination. The great thing about monochrome rugs is that they are often the least expensive option per square foot that you can find. No matter how you slice it, monochrome area rugs are a smart trend to hop on.


5 – Kilim

Kilim rugs are so popular they’re being used as more than rugs these days. You can find them used to upholster furniture, cover pillows, or even used as bedding. Often known as Turkish or Persian rugs, Kilim rugs have no pile and are famous for their geometric woven designs. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The traditional flat-woven technique of Kilim rugs has been used for centuries.



6 – Red

Whether the pattern is traditional or modern, red statement rugs are everywhere this year. This trend has the greatest visual impact when the other color tones in a room are kept relatively earthy and monochromatic. Red statement rugs work best in bigger spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, or master bedrooms where the red color has room to give a color punch without overwhelming the room.


7 – Traditional

Traditional hand-knotted pile rugs are nothing new, but they’re showing up more and more in modern decor. At home in almost any design style from traditional, to modern, to industrial, traditional rugs ground your room with their sense of place and history. So don’t be afraid to use a traditional rug in an eclectic space!