Bathroom Transformations You’ll Love

Some bathrooms are tucked into the forgotten corners of a house, like basements, attics, and additions that make excellent living spaces. Having a bathroom in the attic makes it a functional place to stay. It is better to have a bathroom in the attic than to travel downstairs to use the shower or the toilet. Your attic bathroom may need a bit of sprucing up; if that is the case, these transformation ideas can help.

Take a look at the options and see if your imagination becomes more inspired.

Family Style

Attic bathroom with bathtub

There are some attics which are big enough to build a family size bathroom. You may want to use your attic as a family room or a bedroom for multiple kids. This reality means having a more oversized bathroom an ideal move. Think of adding hooks for many towels and a skylight for more natural light. 

Ceiling Decoration

White attic bathroom with bathtub

White attic bathroom with bathtub

You can use the ceiling as your focal and starting point when renovating your bathroom. Use your imagination to enhance the bathroom’s beauty with the fancy style that your roof may have. If molding enhances the look, you should go for it; bright colors may improve its appearance.

Beadboard And Tile Combo

Combining tile and beadboard in your bathroom is an excellent way to improve its look. Put a large window in the bathroom, if there isn’t any, to bring in more natural light. As always, bright colors can make a room feel bigger and more inviting. Please take note that privacy shouldn’t be an issue; it’s the attic. 

Marble And Shiplap Combo

You can make the attic bathroom special with a marble and shiplap combo. Integrate the slopes of the roof wisely to make it functional. An example would be the area where you will stand for any given period. The marble vanity should be in the highest place under the roof. If you have a small space, consider a smaller toilet and shower.

Skylight And Tub Combination

Interiors of the Modern Bathroom

Like I said before, some attics have enough room to do much more than usual. When you have such a space, you can make the bathtub area pop with a skylight. Try building the skylight over the bathtub for an out of this world experience. A smaller version is possible, but it means a smaller tub. You decide what matters most for the ultimate feeling.

Implement Small Nooks

The shape of your roof can impact the design of your attic. This knowledge doesn’t mean you can’t make it into something great; it means you need to improvise. You can take mirrors and cupboards and integrate them into nooks and small spaces. Base your design on what you want to do.

Cottage Look

Not everyone has the same taste, and that is normal. One person may say old fashioned; another may say I love rustic; it happens. The cottage look is something you can try in an attic bathroom. It creates a cozy sentimental feel to a room. Think of the type of materials you would have at a cottage. Shiplap, barn lights, and a hanging sink make for a grand style.

Rustic Ceiling

Heavy beams make a ceiling look gorgeous even if they are low as most attics would be. Adding such a style to your bathroom will make it feel much grander and desirable to soak in the tub. Keeping it simple with fixtures that complement the roof beams is a welcomed addition.


You can add wallpaper to some areas of the bathroom with wallpaper. Choose an excellent design and place it on the walls close to the mirror. The style of the wallpaper chosen will make the difference, so look for ideas. If the area is small, use simple furniture to keep things functional, like a pedestal sink.

Couple Retreat

This transformation is suitable for anyone who has a big enough attic that can accommodate two people. Think double sinks on separate sides of the room with a bathtub for two. Attach mirrors on each side of the low end of the roof for use with the sinks. Adding other fixtures on each side as towel holders work well. 

Retro Tiles In Shower

No attic bathroom transformation would be complete without ideas for the shower tiles. The retro look may seem outdated, but it still has a flavor that appeals to many people. A simple white tile with black and white flowers sounds good. 

These are excellent ideas for your bathroom attic. You don’t have to follow these ideas to the letter but rather create your style using these ideas as inspiration.