These 11 Flooring Trends are Back

3 – Pickled wood

You may remember this trend from the late 80s or early 90s (or if your frame of reference goes further back, maybe the 40s or 50s). This is one of those trends that pops up with staying power every few decades to make a really punchy statement in any home. While the current trend is for the whiter and grayer tones, we’ve seen some gray-pinks re-emerging as well. If you’re looking for a light wood flooring look that is very forgiving to scratches and keeps your rooms in a nice neutral zone, this could be your best option!

4 – Diamond pattern tile

Think less about the specific material for this flooring, and more about the style in which it’s laid. You can take any tile, whether ceramic, stone, even saltillo, and lay it in a diamond rather than square pattern. This adds new depth and dimension to any room, and can make even a less expensive flooring choice look more dynamic and bespoke. This look works best in square or rectangular rooms, as curved walls can make it a bit visually overwhelming, but it’s a bold choice that could be just the ticket to make your home shine!

5 – Wood planks with visible nails or pegs

Straight from the boards of Pinterest, here is a very old wood flooring style made absolutely new again. While these functional floors with their large and obvious fastenings were once more likely to be seen in barns and attics, now they’re front and center in living spaces making a cool and eclectic statement. This wood flooring works best with transitional, farmhouse, or industrial style homes, but could potentially work with almost any look.

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