14 Fabulous Front Door Colors

They say you can’t make a second first impression. A house’s front door makes a major statement about the style and personality of the residents within. The great news is that of all the external decor changes you can make to your house, your front door color is probably one of the easiest. We’ve gathered a list of the strongest trends in front door colors in 2019.

1 – Muted Mustard

This color makes a resurgence every couple of decades and it is back with some swagger this year. Paired with timber charcoal cladding, this front door color makes for a sophisticated entrance with plenty of seasonal versatility.

2 – Baby Blue

The past few decades have seen front door colors stay in strong primary color territory, but we’re loving the softer shades that have started to pop up. Shades like this Southwestern baby blue can be absolutely sublime on a front door. This door invites visitors into an home that’s upbeat, where the owners are marching to the beat of their own drum.


3 – Vermillion

Red has always been a front door stunner, but the new trend is for a red that positively glows. Vermillion is a lot of statement, so be sure to pair it with siding that doesn’t fight for attention. It looks great paired with light earth tones and shades of white. Black is a great accent color for this look as well.

4 – Prussian Blue

Not every front door color needs to scream. Sometimes the perfect message for a space is a distinct but understated tone. We love the Prussian Blue trend for precisely that reason. With a refined sensibility, this is a color that says your house knows it’s a beauty and doesn’t need to brag about it.

5 – Chartreuse

Not every front door can handle Chartreuse, but if you think yours is up to the challenge, this is a look we adore this year. It tells a color story of funky sophistication that tends to find just the right note when paired with charcoals and grey-toned whites. But don’t let us hold you back, if you’re drawn to Chartreuse, chances are you’re the sort of person who knows exactly what to do with it!


6 – Matte Black

There’s always room in the neighborhood for a black front door, and this year’s matte black look is ready to become the star of your block. To show off the matte look, be sure not choose accent colors that will steal attention from this stunner of a front door.

7 – Forest Green

Forest Green has graced front doors for centuries, and that’s because it’s so genteel. Unfussy but striking, this green is versatile enough to work with many different siding and accent colors. Of course it will always make your red brick pop, but it’s gorgeous with white clapboard siding as well.

8 – Teal

If you’re looking for a bright, but not too loud front door look, this year’s teal trend may be the right choice for you. Teal says yours is a home that knows when to have fun, but also knows when it’s time to get down to business. We love this look paired with smart brass fittings against the faded red of well-weathered brick.


9 – Stone

Soft and stunning, this muted grey brings a note of sophistication to any front door. It works especially well on sophisticated paneling or other carved front door details. This look pairs well with siding that is darker in tone, making the front door a calm, inviting oasis that your visitor will be clamoring to step through.

10 – Khaki

Smooth and subtle, the Khaki trend strikes precisely the right cord for more ornate front doors that don’t need to do much to draw attention to themselves. This incredibly versatile shade can work with almost any other color, so it’s a great sophisticated choice when your siding is already making a statement of its own.

11 – Canary

Nothing says “look at me” like a bright punch of Canary yellow. This front door stunner is perfect for small homes, or front doors that are simple and lacking character on their own. Yes, it’s true, one color alone can make all the statement your house needs!


12 – Seafoam

This is the front door color trend we feel like we’ve been waiting for our whole lives! If you’re in the market for a look that will stand all the way out from the crowd, this is the one! Who lives behind a front door this color? An artist? A musician? A movie star? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that it’s just you!

13 – Burgundy

This front door tone gives your home a rich, easy going cultivated sort of air. Burgundy can be overpowering, so a little goes a long way. That makes it a perfect front door statement paired against a much lighter earth tone. It’s also a stunning backdrop for a seasonal wreath of deep green tones to make things really festive.

14 – Burnt Umber

This color’s not just just for your box of color crayons! Rich, dark burnt umber makes a strong statement on any front door, especially if the siding and trim are also in earth tones. We love this matte take on the look.