9 Bathroom Sink Updates

The bathroom sink may have been one of the more overlooked home decor items in years past, but over the past decade, this bathroom workhorse has really come into its own. From one of a kind sculptures to investment grade materials, now the bathroom sink is often the showpiece of modern bathroom design. So if you’re tired of your ho-hum builder grade standard white porcelain, we’ve got some of the latest new sink looks that will take your average cookie-cutter bathroom from run-of-the-mill to showstopper.


1 – Pedestal

Once the only-game-in-town for bathroom sink design, the pedestal sink fell sharply out of fashion about sixty years ago when bathroom vanities with built-in cabinets and larger counters came in vogue. But the old pedestal sink is back with a vengeance. If you get tired of the clutter that builds up on your bathroom counter, going pedestal is a great way to eliminate all those extra face cream and lotion bottles from your life, because you just won’t have room for them anymore!

2 – Natural Stone

There’s always something earthy and grounding about natural stone in interior decor, and it’s no surprise that it’s a stunning look for bathroom sinks. While you can find natural stone used in more traditional-looking sink designs, this raw piece of stone with a basin shape carved in the middle of it is going to be a real conversation starter.

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