Buzzworthy Decorative Paint Ideas for Your Room

4 – Argyle

If you feel like your room lacks personality, this argyle paint look may be perfect for your space. This is a good time to really let your creativity fly. Choose your colors, tape off your diamond pattern, and go to town!

5 – Big horizontal stripes

Go with big horizontal stripes if you want to make a big statement. This look works for a whole room, but also stuns on only a feature wall. You can even use more than two colors, but be careful! Things can start to look a bit like a circus tent if you don’t watch out!

6 – Fabric design

Choose your favorite fabric design and blow it up large in wall paint! This is a great opportunity to incorporate the latest styles into your home design in a way that can be easily changed if styles change, after all, you just need more paint to completely change the look again!


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