Cheap But Effective Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom

Your home is that place where you want to feel comfortable and able to relax. You should make every room in your home feel this way as it’s all part of the experience. One of the rooms that should give you such satisfaction is your bathroom. It can be your go-to at times when you feel like you need a break and soak in your tub.

However, that bathroom will need to look welcoming and make you want to spend that quality time recuperating, so it must look appealing.

With this in mind, here are some cheap ways you can make your bathroom your getaway. 



There is a tendency for the bathroom to become cluttered and confused with all the items regularly used. It never happens all at once but accumulates over time. You may notice that some space is available everywhere and may become a storage space for some item you used or still using.

You can remove all the unnecessary stuff, find pretty vases or other containers to store these objects. This idea will make the bathroom clean and look inviting, not to mention make what you are looking for easier to find.

Hidden Storage

Ideas are available a dime a dozen; you need to use your imagination or seek tips online. You can store items like hairdryers, air accessories, and any other bathroom products that can be kept out of sight yet to hand. One great idea is to take a storage box and attach it to the inside of a cabinet for easy storage. Smaller items can be kept tidy in a medicine cabinet by fastening a magnetic strip to the side or back.

Spruce Up Cabinets

If you have cabinets in your bathroom and seem outdated or look undesirable, a simple spruce up would do. A paint job or some decorative strips can transform the cabinet and doors in no time. Feel free to check around for ideas by reading home decor magazines or going online; you will find endless ideas. 

Remove Laminate

Laminate can make a cabinet looks lovely, but it also can limit what you can do for a fresh look. If you have the time and skill, strip the cupboard’s laminate to reveal a blank canvas. You are free to do whatever you like with the empty slate before your eyes. The same advice above is all you need to make your cabinets pop with life and color.

Mirror Framing

Every bathroom has a mirror or mirrors, depending on your taste. You can make the mirrors in your bathroom more appealing to the eye by adding some framing on the edges. Paint your mirrors, add wooden or plastic frames, even use colorful tapes to the edges for decoration. There are so many ways you can decorate a mirror. Consider gluing fancy pieces of beads or other pretty objects for an attractive article. 

No Towel Rack

Using a towel rack is considered a no-no these days. Try using decorative hooks instead and throw the towel rack in the garbage. Clips are much smaller and can located in different areas, even as a design. Making the towel hooks colorful and stylish is ok; it is your space.

Reinventing Your Sink

Tired of your old sink and need a way to make it look fresh and inviting? A simple fix is to layer it with a thin set of concrete, which you can then paint in the color you wish. It will add a trendy look to your bathroom and make it feel welcoming.

Small Renovations

You don’t have to break the bank to do renovations in your bathroom. Bathtubs will become dingy with constant use, but there is an easy fix. You can use the right tools and buy a Rust-oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit to bring back life to your bathtub. Remember to protect yourself from the scent with a suitable painter’s mask. 


Bathrooms have come a long way with what you can install in them for your comfort and leisure. The ability to waterproof electronics has made it possible to have a radio and television in your bathroom. You can have one or both depending on your taste and relax as you enjoy some music. Music isn’t limited to only radio alone as you can similarly use your TV to listen to some tunes as well. 

I do hope you found the tips helpful and easy to understand. The ability to change your bathroom now and then tends to make your experience enjoyable and revigorating.