New Front Door Paint Colors

Front doors are ready to make a color splash next year. Every front door look from bright jewel tones to rich earth tones, to re-invented classic neutrals, receives a bit of a twist in the latest color trends. This is a time for rich statement colors, fresh door handles designs, and new metal tones. And don’t forget to add a bit of personality. This is the moment to order that oversized lion head door knocker, or to give those oversized art deco house numbers a whirl. Bold is everything in the newest front door looks.

Homeowners are paying a lot of extra attention to their entranceways these days, whether they’re installing new doorbells with cameras built-in, or moving to keyless entry doorknobs. It’s not surprising that they’re thinking about updated front door looks while they’re already making minor changes. While a quick change in front door color is an easy way to give your home a bit of a facelift, always check with your local statutes or home owner’s association guidelines before you try anything too avant-garde. Even if you have to work within certain strict parameters, there are lots of new updates on old and tired classics that should work to make your home stand out from the rest of the crowd on your street.




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1 – Baby Pink

Yes, you really are seeing a Baby Pink front door. Several shades of pink are making a mark on front doors these days, and this is one of our favorite looks. Like any pastel shade, the end result is all about how you showcase your unusual color choice. In this case, the pink plays perfectly against the white house and door surround.




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2 – Sage Green

Sage Green is resurging as a front door choice, especially in a matte look like this. This is a color that adds a lot of personality to the front of your home while still complying with most of the strictest earth-tones requirements your home owner’s association can throw your way. It gives the front of your home a thoughtful flavor and always looks inviting too. We love it paired with the black trim on the windows and front porch.


3 – Egg Yolk

We’ll take this one sunny side up! This deep yellow tone will set your home apart from the rest. With a charcoal housepaint color and white trim, this rich yellow door is right on-trend. The best part is, this is a yellow tone that works with a wide range of house and trim colors from whites and pastels to dark blues, browns, grays, and even blacks.



4 – Scarlet

We love this update on a classic red door. This bright red pain color is especially tasteful in this matte look. Red works well with any home color it can contrast with, whether that’s a dark color like we see here or a bright white or pale gray, but it can also turn into an unexpected stunner when paired with unusual house shades like light greens or blues or even yellow.


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