Top 8 Coffee Table Styles


Few places does form meet function more powerfully than in the family coffee table. They’re at the center of our living spaces, so we need them to look good. But they’re also at the center of the spaces in which we live our lives, so we need them to do some serious heavy lifting too. Whether they’re the workspace for your kids’ latest art project, a serving table for your big game appetizer spread, or just the place you plop your coffee for your next Netflix marathon, we’ve got a list of the hottest coffee table styles for your home.


1 – Nesting Coffee Tables

A nesting coffee table can be a cool look, but it can pack a lot of function as well. Particularly useful for larger seating areas, the ability to pull out more table space and move it around the room where you need it is key for a livable family space. We love this wooden look with its no-nonsense hardwearing finish and easy to manipulate nesting tables.

2 – Stone Top

There’s a reason we’re putting stone on our kitchen and bathroom counters, and that is that it has incredible endurance capabilities. Whether your kids get a little overzealous with their crayons, or your husband gets a little overzealous with his cola when his favorite player hits the end zone, this is a coffee table top that will take a beating without blinking an eye. The great news is, on top of the incredible function it offers, stone top coffee tables look gorgeous in almost any setting.


3 – Mirror Top

We’re not suggesting this one for every living space, but mirror topped coffee tables are making a big surge and they’re a lot more functional than you might guess. It is a good idea to always look for this style in tempered glass, but they actually clean up beautifully. They also have the ability to make your room look much much larger and more spacious than it actually is. Not to mention, they offer a level of bling few coffee table styles can match.

4 – Ottoman as Coffee Table

Look, we all love to put our feet up at the end of the day, and there are few places more comfortable to do that than on a pillowy tufted ottoman. throw a tray on top to hold your drinks or a bowl of popcorn and you are all set to catch up on your favorite shows. We love this look as a way to increase your room’s seating and lounging areas while also offering a softer, more plush look than most coffee table options.

5 – Upcycled Pallet

Upcycling is just so hot right now, and this is one of those perfect of a usefully repurposed object. With storage for magazines and remotes, and a hard wearing wooden surface for your feet or your latte, this particular model is made even more functional with the addition of wheels so you can easily make it work for many different tasks. Plus this look is really cute! Who said being earth friendly can’t be beautiful?


6 – Round Glass

The addition of a curved surface to your room can work wonders for its visual flow. Round glass coffee tables can make your room look better, and because of their easily cleaned surfaces, they can make it work better too. Consider this look for spaces with few soft edges, or for any room that just needs an extra splash of class at its heart.

7 – Rustic Reclaimed Wood

Here’s another earth friendly option that packs a big visual impact punch. Sturdy and ready to work, a reclaimed wood coffee table can really ground your space, giving it a sense of gravity and history. It also functions great for popping your feet up, or even serving pizza. The great news is that there’s probably a local reclaimed wood you can find, whether it’s from a barn or an old warehouse that also brings a story just as good as any of your coffee table books.

8 – Stair Step

We love this look not just because it offers a bit more coffee table surface, but because it adds so much visual interest and whimsy to a space. While you can find the stair step coffee table look in any number of surfaces or finishes, we love this lighter wood look that says it’s ready to help you out, but also ready to have a party the minute you’re not looking!