7 Bookshelves for Book Lovers

If you’re a lifelong reader you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of books. It doesn’t really matter what kind of reading you enjoy, whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biographies, histories–your books mean something to you. You’ve got the old favorites you read again and again. Most likely you have reference books, and atlases, and coffee table books that can’t all be left out for display. And there are the tough reads, like the classics, that you’re proud to have read but may not revisit for twenty years. We know you want to keep them all. And you should! That’s why you need bookshelving options that work for a book lover. These aren’t just for show to try to impress someone. You need a space for the books you love to have in your home.


1 – Built-ins

This is the dream for most book aficionados. Who wouldn’t love to have a custom-built shelving display that works perfectly in the space you have? Of course this is by far the most expensive option, with handcrafted and made-to-measure work like this done in fine finishes you’ll be paying top dollar. But gosh, it might be worth it!



2 – Use your home’s quirky architecture to your advantage

These are the kind of bookshelves that make a home look truly loved and lived in. Essentially, you find any nook or cranny that occurs naturally in your room and tack up a shelf to fill it. Not only is this a really effective way to use what might otherwise be wasted space, it’s a chance for you to choose your own shelf heights and customize your shelving to your specific book collection.



3 – Flatpack shelves

Look, if you’ve ever been to a bargain-basement home decor warehouse, you’ve seen these put-it-together-yourself bookshelf options. They’re often made with mdf or plywood that’s laminated, but that means they’ll be fairly durable and you won’t feel too badly about replacing them because your investment will be much lower than wood shelving. Set them up like this and they look basically custom-built!


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