7 Ways Wall Mirrors Can Transform your Space

That mirror on the wall isn’t just for checking your hair on your way our the door. Sure they serve a great practical purpose, but there’s always something a little magical about the right use of mirrors in any room. And no, we’re not talking the mirror magic your favorite evil queen uses to check in on her step-daughter. The right wall mirror can add new life to your room. Whether you want your wall mirror to add light, space, depth, texture, dimension, or simply to serve as a piece of artwork on its own, we’ve tracked down seven ways you can use wall mirrors to really transform your space.


1 – In lieu of window

Look, we might love almost everything about a new house, or new room, but few spaces are free of problem areas. That’s when unique solutions are called for. In this case, the wall of glass windows and skylights are the room’s main windows, but that can leave the remaining walls feeling too expansive heavy. So, behold the wall mirror doubling as a window above the dresser. This is a clever solution for a room without enough windows!

2 – Room expander

Some rooms are small, that’s just a fact. While they may function perfectly well, we often long for more space–even if it’s just an illusion. That’s where large wall mirrors can work their magic. Serving not only to expand the feel of a room, but to increase the amount of light which can make a space feel more airy. Before you decide to move house or knock out a wall, try this far cheaper option first!



3 – Neutral decor

Look, empty rooms and bare walls never seem terribly homey. It’s important to add some life to your walls, but sometimes you’re afraid your space will look cluttered. Or, maybe you simply have a few fab pieces of artwork that you want to grab people’s attention. This is a great time to use wall mirrors to make sure your space doesn’t feel unfinished while also making sure nothing grabs the focus away from your real showstopper objects d’art. Use wall mirrors in your room’s neutral tones to add a bit of texture and nuance without stealing the spotlight.

4 – Focal point

In a decorating move at the opposite end of the spectrum from using a wall mirror as a neutral wall hanging, there’s the idea of using a mirror as a focal point. This is a great way to make a light and bright impression in your room and amplify your use of color and texture throughout the room when your room’s focal point reflects that picture right back to your visitors.

5 – Let there be LIGHT

Do you want a bright and airy look for your room? Strategic wall mirror usage can deliver the look you’re dreaming of. By using a frameless section of mirror behind other wall decor, your guests will notice the lighter than air bling of your room before they realize you’ve used mirrors to achieve your look!



6 – Placeholder

If you’re an art collector, it may be that you take months or even years to fully decorate a space. You’re still waiting to find that perfect piece for a certain area of your wall. This is another instance where mirrors can be incredibly handy decorating tools. Until you’re sure what you want, try hanging a wall mirror instead. This will make your room look full and finished, and as it will only be reflecting back other objects you like, it won’t detract from the overall look you want.

7 – Color amplifier

If your decorating muse demands a very muted color palette, your may find yourself in need of a way to amplify the few spots of color you choose to include in your space. This is a great time to use a wall mirror. You can place it strategically behind your color pops to give them extra dimension and oof!