The 5 Top Home Décor Trends of 2022

Sculpted yellow chair and ottoman with hanging lightbulbs and a potted cactus against a gray wall, showing many of the top 5 home décor trends in 2021

Ever feel like embracing your inner Joanna Gaines, but not sure where to start? Well, grab your overpriced Target notebook (you know the one), take a seat at that tulip table in your makeshift breakfast nook right beneath the window, and slide your houseplant aside.

It’s time for some notes (shopping?). Fair warning: you might want to hide your debit card after you’re done because we have some fun, exciting home décor tips in store. Allow us to introduce you to some of the top home décor trends of 2021.

Use them as you desire, and have fun decorating and refreshing your living space to the modern oasis you’ve been dreaming up since you came across your first interior design Pinterest board. (If there’s ever been a time to hide your Amazon boxes from your spouse, the time is now.)

5 Home Décor Trends of 2021

Like a good wine, home décor comes in many variations. It’s not quite as simple as “red” or “white.” You have tabletop décor, furniture, artwork, plants, mirrors, lights, and more to spend time obsessing about. (Trust us: you will)

Without further ado, here are five leading home décor trends of 2021:


A bedroom that is decorated with maximalism as recommended by Home Décor Craze

We love minimalist, white-on-white home décor just as much as the next person, but maximalism has a big piece of our heart, too. Maximalism is a fun trend that combines all the best parts about décor: fun patterns, bold colors, repetitive designs (think: floral), and those unique accessories that make your house feel like a home (e.g., abstract art from a local painter, an eclectic rug found at a flea market, or mismatched furniture).

In a maximalist home, everything makes a statement. You get free rein to incorporate multiple patterns, textures, and colors (usually keeping one or two base colors and adding to them with various patterns). Unlike minimalism, maximalism is far from simple. Its modern design characteristics help your home stay contemporary and stand out, appealing to your personal style rather than a specific style guideline.

Sculptural Furniture

A red and gray sculptural sofa as recommended by Home Décor Craze.

Nothing plays up a beige or white living area like sculptural furniture. Our favorite? A circular sofa! You don’t even have to find a matching loveseat or recliner. Sculptural furniture looks its best when mixed in with other colors, sizes, and types of furniture, such as armchairs, lamps, and coffee tables. Mixing and matching styles is all the fun in 2021. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

Here are some sculptural furniture shapes that we’ve been loving:

  • Tubular (a happy medium between minimalism and maximalism)
  • Curved (a perfect shape to make your home feel more peaceful and cozy)
  • Postmodern (an artistic element that says, “Notice me!”)

Primary Color Palette

Music room decorated and painted using the primary color palette as recommended by Home Décor Craze.

Combine a subdued color palette (beige, black, brown, cream, or white) with primary colors (red, yellow, or blue) to give your home interior a nice pop. The idea here is to add statement pieces to your neutral-colored living area. This is your chance to have fun with your home décor.

If you love the intensity of red, consider red throw pillows, sculptures, books, or flowers. If you prefer the high-energy, creative feel behind yellow décor, look for yellow barstools, vases, table runners, or wallpaper.

Is blue more your vibe? You’ll love the peaceful look of blue artwork, lamps, houseware, and throw blankets for your favorite loveseat (just the right way to get you in the mood for your Saturday morning gratitude journaling).

Accent With Yellow and Gray

gray chair against a yellow and gray accent wall, as recommended by Home Décor Craze in their top 5 2021 home décor trends

This year’s PANTONE colors are PANTONE 17-5104 *(Ultimate Gray) and PANTONE 13-0647 (Illuminating). PANTONE calls them, “A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.

How do you use 2021’s hottest colors in your modern home décor? Think of it this way: gray is your neutral color (and it’s a great one). However, gray alone can dull a living space. Make your home look inviting and elegant with gray and pops of yellow, from your front door paint to your lamps.

The bottom line is this: don’t be afraid of color!

Earth Shades

A living room decorated with earth tones from the furniture to the shelving, flooring, décor, and drapery as recommended by Home Décor Craze.

Can anyone really go wrong with earth shades? Spoiler alert: the answer is no! Earth shades are those found in a natural environment, often including brown, green, red, or white. They add a homey touch to your home interior, helping bring the beautiful outdoors inside in an aesthetically pleasing way–minus the weather.

Here are some examples of fun, earthy color combinations:

  • Taupe (perfect for a zen, spa-like atmosphere)
  • Deep blue, beige, and brown (transports you to a day at the beach)
  • Light blue and brown (promotes relaxation)
  • Orange and brown (combine with plenty of wood and metal décor to warm up your space and create rustic fall vibes)

Use your home décor to create a space you will love.

As we finish up the year, let’s not forget to reminisce about some of 2021’s hottest home décor trends. May we all learn a little about how we decorated in the first part of 2021 and gather new inspiration for decorating our home interiors before the new year comes around.

If we’ve learned anything from decorating in 2021, it’s this:

  • Don’t be afraid to be bold.
  • Use colors, shapes, and patterns to your advantage.
  • Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Happy decorating, friends!

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