7 Ways Wall Mirrors Can Transform your Space


3 – Neutral decor

Look, empty rooms and bare walls never seem terribly homey. It’s important to add some life to your walls, but sometimes you’re afraid your space will look cluttered. Or, maybe you simply have a few fab pieces of artwork that you want to grab people’s attention. This is a great time to use wall mirrors to make sure your space doesn’t feel unfinished while also making sure nothing grabs the focus away from your real showstopper objects d’art. Use wall mirrors in your room’s neutral tones to add a bit of texture and nuance without stealing the spotlight.

4 – Focal point

In a decorating move at the opposite end of the spectrum from using a wall mirror as a neutral wall hanging, there’s the idea of using a mirror as a focal point. This is a great way to make a light and bright impression in your room and amplify your use of color and texture throughout the room when your room’s focal point reflects that picture right back to your visitors.

5 – Let there be LIGHT

Do you want a bright and airy look for your room? Strategic wall mirror usage can deliver the look you’re dreaming of. By using a frameless section of mirror behind other wall decor, your guests will notice the lighter than air bling of your room before they realize you’ve used mirrors to achieve your look!


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